If she wants you, she won’t make it hard.

February 11, 2018

One of the first pieces of advice I heard about women. At first I thought bull shit girls have some self respect, You have to do some extra work sometimes.

But then over the years I keep looking back and realizing how this statement can’t be any more true.

If a girl wants you, she really won’t make it hard (no not talking about your baby dick). She won’t make the situation difficult. She’ll try to make the process as smooth as possible.

Obviously does not mean girls will hit on you, you’re still the man and have to take the lead. But if you do it correctly and have some balls girls that are into you will be relatively easy. Again obviously doesn’t count if you’re not at your best (physically and attitude). Girls smell that weak shit and run away.

I want to share this because I know there are some guys out there that will keep trying with the same girl. For weeks and weeks, some even wasting a ton of money and time with nothing in return. It’s just sad and disappointing to me. Or even countless pathetic attempts at a party or bar on that one chick, if you don’t feel it just go onto the next one.

After a recent conference i attended, I just felt the need to share. Had a friend Kevin go after this girl for 3 straight nights and end up with nothing but a kiss. Wasted all that time and effort for a fucking kiss. She gave him a little attention and got hooked. Don’t be like Kevin. Similar situation happened with myself. Every night we had a party/event in a large show room to destress or whatever.

First night one girl playing games and teasing me with pecks and nothing else after about 30 mins I get annoyed so I separate. Sit down at a table to look at other options. Hot group of girls sit down. Chit chat for 2 minutes, then as I’m looking for another drink. I speak my thoughts out loud unintentionally “oh shit I have beer in my room”. Was not even facing this girl or anything. She immediately says “oh you do? I’ll go with you”.

As soon as we get in my room she just sits down on the bed. Doesn’t even bother looking for beer or mention it. 5 mins of more bullshit chit chat and I’m inside her. The rest of the conference went just as easy, minimal effort.

Don’t stay on one girl, roam around, talk to everyone, have options. I know this gets preached a lot but remember, girls want to fuck too. They won’t make you jump through hoops if they want to fuck you. Every woman I have fucked has made it easy for me, the ones that I have wasted more money and time I’ve gotten nothing. If you don’t feel the vibes bounce to the next one. Way too many women in this world to waste time on shit.

Again I have to state this before I get attacked. If you don’t play your cards right you won’t get shit. If you don’t look good, you won’t get shit. If you act like a pussy, you won’t get shit. Some girls won’t be into you even if you’re at your best remember that too.

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