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If you don't sleep, you might as well not lift.

November 1, 2015

"Golly gee wilikers, Whisper, I work and work out until 11 pm, and then get up at 5 in the morning 6 days out of every 7, and then I eat a nutritious breakfast ( cuz' I suuuuuuure don't wanna be unhealthy! ). But when I have a rare day off, and I go out to meet girls, I just feel tired and want to go home! Whatever could be wrong? Is it my attitude?

Look, I realize some of you bros never had fathers, but Jesus fuck, how dumb can you be?

If you do not sleep, you might as well not lift.

Lifting doesn't build muscle. Lifting incentivizes your body to build muscle. To actually build muscle, you need to eat and sleep. How the fuck are you going to build muscle if you don't give your body any rest to do it in?

Look down. Right now, sitting at your computer, playing with your phone, whatever, look the fuck down.

Do you have a fat belly, but the rest of you isn't? Then you don't sleep enough. And your testosterone is low, because you're using up all the same raw materials to make the excess cortisol that's making you fat. And your workouts aren't working because your testosterone is low and your cortisol is high and you don't get any recovery time anyway and your neurotransmitters are also all out of whack because your digestive system (yes, your digestive system, you scientific illiterate) is responsible for synthesizing most of them, and it's busy being fucked by all that cortisol.

And your dick doesn't work because your testosterone is low and your cortisol is high and your neurotransmitters are fucked up.

But you can't figure out why you are "tired and depressed".

Really. It doesn't get any simpler than this. If you are tired, sleep. Your body is speaking in the clearest possible language, and if you're still not listening, then it is not your body's fault.

Give your body what it asks for. You could have learned this from a children's cartoon.

If you are tired, do not fuck. Sleep.


This was a stupid article, and I shouldn't be putting my standard "Bitcoin-instead-of-more-Reddit-Gold" address (1DChc2Azt3zGHbZcwBwPG42jL9B8SuktdD) at the bottom of it. It's a stupid article because it states the blindingly fucking obvious, which is no great feat to point out. I shouldn't be rewarded for this. But none of you should need it, and apparently some of you did. For the rest of you, I apologize for this blatant insult to your fucking intelligence.

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