"If you made more money, we would have more sex"

January 7, 2016

We are buying real estate, getting married and have our honeymoon to Europe booked, so finances are stretched pretty thin. Things have been a bit tense with this financial strain.

We got to talking and she was saying she needs me to make more money, i make $60k. I am 28 and I will finish my degree in 9 months. I plan on starting my MBA when I finish. I work in IT, but don't really have any IT qualifications until this Degree is finished, just a few certs. She went to private school and got her degree in law and is practicing as a solicitor, our pays basically the same though, hers $63,000.

So when we were talking tonight, I said to her she put's me down to much and I think it is hurting me psychologically, I have lost so much confidence. I don't even feel confident about getting a higher paying job. I said we need more sex and I need a woman who I feel wants me, and she said to me "if you made more money, we would have more sex". I am blown away.

This is the red pill theories in action. Women don't love men like men love women. I love my fiance, but she obviously doesn't love me like i love her.

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