Ignore the Peanut Gallery

November 15, 2017

So some Indian dude wrote a Field Report about how he failed hard in all sorts of ways, and why.

That's a good thing. FRs are not for talking about how badass you are, they are for learning, and failure teaches more than success. I won't link him here, critique his technique, target selection, whatever. Basic shit you should already know.

What's important is what he said at the end:

Anything I missed? Thoughts and rational advice are appreciated.




A man who asks for advice from just anyone is saying that some rando's opinion is more valuable than his. He is telling the world he believes himself so lost and at sea that just anyone can put plans into his head. He wears his lack of confidence on his sleeve.

And while there may not be any chicks to impress on TRP, that shit is habit forming.

Asking and taking advice is a mark of respect, and strong men do not hand out respect like Halloween candy. They give it sparingly to those who inspire it.

Randos will always give you advice, whether you ask it or not. But the guys in the cheap seats have not earned the right to be listened to, unless what they just yelled out was spectacular enough in its own right to merit your attention.

This goes double for criticism. It's easy to tell the difference between someone who's got a point that's valuable for helping you improve, and someone who's feeling short-dicked because you have the lectern right now.

Every damn time you open your mouth in public, there's going to be unsolicited advice, and haters. (If there aren't, then everyone is ignoring you because what you said was stupid.) There is absolutely no reason to let some Juicebox Hero command even a microsecond of your attention.

Save it for the people who can convince you they matter.

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