PUA is an inherently male analytical approach to solve a problem as systematically as possible - "always" including self improvement. One should read it before passing the feminist shame from "TRP" onto "PUA".

Main text:

As far as I have followed this sub there seems to have always been a bias towards self improvement (better product) over salesmanship/ what is labeled "pick up". That is completely acceptable and propably even good: when this sub started there was a wider trend in the manosphere going towards salesmanship, therefore TRP in a way "restored the balance".

In recent times however, this has degenerated to the point of being ridiculous. As wider reddit/feminists deride TRP and self-improvement, so many here have found a BOOGEYMAN to pass on the shame in PUA and to a lesser extend, even more tragically, to game.

Now, we can argue a lot about what is the perfect mixture of improving the product and improving the salesmanship or what will make a man happier overall. This might even simply depent on the person (imo).

What we cant argue about is that we as men have EVOLVED to be successful in ORDER to acquire women and procreate. It is in our genes, thats the essence of evo psych.

Now, here comes the misunderstanding : what is PUA?. Nobody set out with the goal to go out and pretend and make up stuff. No, PUA from its pioneers to today (from Mystery to... Julien Blanc?) is dudes who are not successful with women, who sit down and analytically examine how to fix that problem. That is what males do and what separates us from women. We THINK to solve our problems. (On a side note, if you watch basically any pick up artist, you will see them advocating self improvement, sometimes simply after getting a positive cycle of experiences started)

Now, I'll go out on a limb here and suggest that those, propably newer, posters who actually in a very feminine reaction shame pick up, are simply acting defensively.

They came from being social anxious losers (as did many, no shame in it), went into their little monk mode, started lifting, reading, doing. GREAT - BUT, now, they got comfortable and they dont want to take the next step and go out there and learn how to APROACH. They instead hide behind some supposed moral superiority - and they propably never read or saw any videos of any serious pick up coach, like mystery or roosh's older stuff.

Am I saying all pick up artists are jesus born again, come to save us? NO.


Lessons learned:

  • Game/Pick up/whatever you call it is necessary and inherently analytical and therefore male
  • It solves an existing AND important problem
  • It should not be shamed due to not wanting to break ones comfort zone
  • And definitely should be studied before being blindly criticized
  • Most importantly of all TRP needs to be above feminist shaming tactics, not contribute to them by simply passing on the shame.