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In which I explain to MGTOW that he is MGTOW, and why.

December 26, 2014


Copied and pasted for your convenience.

As for my metaphor, I'm saying that when men complain about marriage rape, while I agree losing most your shit and you children is horrible, I still don't see them dying of starvation in a mud hut.

How is that important?

The logical conclusion of this argument is that there one single most wretched individual in the world, and he is the only one allowed to complain, or to strive to better his lot in life. This is ridiculous. The fact that someone else has it worse is a non-sequitur.

Think of it this way. If I stab you in the stomach with a box cutter, and you are bleeding profusely, then you have a problem.

If I stab the guy next to you twice, or three times, or fifty-seven times, does that do anything to fix your problem? Does that make it one iota more bearable? No, it does not.

I don't see many western problems as that big of an issue and easily solvable, but are not due to human emotion and an unwillingness to bend.

Foolish and naive. Knowing what to do is only half the solution. Getting people to do it is the other half, and usually the more difficult one. People have a lot less control over their behaviour than most people think.

And I son't exactly care about those not getting enough of said pie because the physical world is a harsh place and luck has everything to do with your lot in life.

You don't care because you've given up hope. You feel like you have no chance at a pretty and feminine wife, a stable job with enough money to raise a family on one income, two or three children who respect and obey you, and a close-knit community with friends and acquaintances who treated you with courtesy.

You don't feel like you are entitled to any of those things. If you were born in an another era, you would have. Not entitled to just get them, but entitled to chance to work hard and earn them. And if you did have that fair shot at those things, you'd be out there now, busting your tail to reach that goal.

THAT is why I say the male sex drive (along with, yes, the male urge to dominate or lead) is the engine that drives both the economy, and civilization. Men want high-quality mates for long-term relationships. Men want families and children, in societies where fathers are the respected head of the household, rather than a figure of derision.

You have given up on busting your tail to afford and support a family, because society was restructured to remove the rewards. Some very broken people looked at the rewards men got in exchange for their responsibilities, and called them "male privilege". Then they persuaded our society to remove them. It never occurred to these people that this was what motivated men to keep the power running, and the grocery stores stocked with food. That, to them, was just background stuff that happened automagically, because you had "an economy", which is their word for "somebody else does the dirty jobs, because I am doing the important work of complaining about the Patriarchy".

So the rewards of fatherhood vanished, but the expectations remained. Is it any wonder you don't want the job now? You're not lazy. You're sensible.

I don't want the job either, not under these conditions. Fuck that. I'm going to bang sluts, get high, keep my money, buy expensive toys, and not have or raise children, not bankroll anyone, not contribute to my community or my society.

Because "my" community and "my" society aren't mine. They never were. They see me as an ATM. A special, wicked kind of ATM that they insult as they withdraw money from, because it's "privileged" and "greedy" for not giving them more.

My society does not give a fuck about one thing I want or one problem I have. Certain companies won't pay for women's birth control pills? Everyone loses their shit.

I want a job? I better figure out myself how to make that happen.

I want to get laid? The only thing my culture cares about is to make sure I am not "pressuring" or "coercing" anyone. Actually making that happen? That's my responsibility, and figuring out what I need to do is my responsibility, and when I figure out what I need to do, I'd better not say openly what it is, if that description hurts the feelings of real person.

Our society doesn't consider anything a problem until it starts hurting women. We have a metric fuckton of young men in their twenties living lives of involuntary celibacy, and our culture doesn't consider that a problem until they start reading something like TRP, and then it's a problem because, and only because, they say mean about women and hurt their feelings. We have a metric fuckton of older men in their thirties and forties, paying to support children they have been cut off from, and that's not a problem for our society until they stop paying, often because they no longer can, and then it's a problem because they are "deadbeat dads", and we need to hold them upside down and shake vigorously with a basket underneath them.

Some people need to figure out that if you give nothing to men, you get nothing from them.

That is why TRP exists. Our society has abandoned men, so we are starting to form our own social structures, our own communities, our own support networks. And we are loyal to the communities that support us, not the ones that just try to use us and cast us aside.

Now, if you tell certain people, most likely the SJW/feminist/BP crowd that, they say "oh, you're being overdramatic", "you have all this male privilege", "you have it good, because you live in America and aren't worried about where your next meal is coming from". (These are the same people who think overhearing a joke about dongles is a grave injustice that requires immediate action.)

But this is, ultimately, an excuse. They want to worry about men, never for men. Why?

Because men are the economic powerhouse. Men build things. Men produce wealth. If they admit men have problems, not just as people, not just as black men, gay men, or poor men, but as men, then there is a limit. They have to stop squeezing. They have to limit their demands. And their real goal is extract the maximum amount with a minimum of effort. Socialism, feminism, "social justice", arguments about fairness... it's all just a power play. They want more cookies. That's all.

The non-bakers want more pie. And the best way to do that is to gaslight the bakers. Make them feel inadequate. Guilty. Tell them they have "pie-baking privilege", and they better give away all the pie to cleanse themselves of this sin.

That is the real source of the rage against TRP. It supports men. Makes them stop feeling guilty. Makes them hard to control. Makes them not only want things for themselves, but feel like they can get them.

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