Incels got banned. What does that mean for TRP?

November 8, 2017

The Incels sub just got banned in the last hours. Yes it was a despicable place, home of losers, whiners, pathetic defeatists, but I think the down of their sub might be bad for us. Why?

First, we occasionally see some incels posting on AskTRP. Ok, we can live with that, but now, without their home sub, some of them might try to migrate here for refuge and start poisoning the subs with their ridiculousness. More than just lowering the overall quality of the posts, this kinds of posts, if too frequent, may bring even more bad attention to us.

Second, is just that: attention. Incels was a decoy for us. The BP'd manipulated man and the average reddit feminist see us as almost the same as them, at least on the "hatred towards women" and misogyny stuff. And without that sub around, their censorship desires might converge in our direction. I've already seen one or two posts on some BP'd subs about "this is the time to take TRP down". I'm sure that there is more than a few redditors around that would be more than pleased to wipe us out.

What do you think?

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Title Incels got banned. What does that mean for TRP?
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