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Infatuation is not the only form of Oneitis.

August 26, 2015

Lately, I have had several questions from young men, all variations in the key of "How do I {game/impress/win exchanges with/stick it to/seduce} {my ex-girlfriend/my high school crush/this girl who rejected me because I was beta/the one that got away}."

Then they insist that they don't have oneitis because they're banging other women. They're not in love with her. They're not infatuated.

But infatuation is not the only form of Oneitis.

Oneitis is nothing but the failure to regard a woman as replaceable, regardless of why you do so.

  • Are you stuck on her because you looooooooooove her? Oneitis.
  • Are you stuck on her because you have something to prove? Oneitis.
  • Are you stuck on her because she's your ex and you still care what she thinks? Oneitis.
  • Are you stuck on her because she's Jessica Alba, you actually have an opportunity to game her, and you want to brag to your friends that you banged Jessica Alba? You guessed it... oneitis.

A woman is a woman. A vagina is a vagina. Some are better than others, but no matter how good one is, there are others just as good, out there waiting to be found.

In today's ruthless sexual marketplace, you must learn to regard women as a commodity, like apples. Some are bruised and rotten, some are fresh, juicy and delicious, but any apple of good enough quality will do. Some people like the red, sweet ones, some people like the green, tart ones, but any apple of the proper variety will do.

If you are unwilling to walk away from a woman should she prove intractable, unavailable, or disappointing, you have oneitis regardless of your reason for that unwillingness.

  • Do not try to impress your ex. She's nothing to you now but another woman.
  • Do not try to catch the one that got away. She's just another woman.
  • Do not chase that female celebrity any harder than you would a look-alike who is a waitress at IHOP. She's just another woman, and with more shit tests and drama.
  • Do not cave and lose frame because she's super hot. She's just another woman.

No matter what reasons you have for wanting a woman, there is always another women with what you want. Chase, appreciate, but do not become stuck.

He who cannot cast away a treasure, at need, is in chains.

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