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December 7, 2015

Did I ever tell you the definition of insanity?

Welcome, students. Today, we will take as our text one ThalesToAristotle, who gives us this gem of an example:


Now, everything you read on the web might be a lie, but there are certainly people like this, even if this one were fake.

And what, class, is he doing wrong?

No assertiveness!
Takes women too seriously!
He is listening to what women say, not watching what they do.
Shows weakness.
He probably doesn't even lift.

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes. All good answers. But we're looking for something more fundamental, here. And it's not going to hard to guess what I mean, since I just told you.

He is doing the same thing over and over again, and hoping for different results.

He has accepted a philosophy that he thinks is "correct", and if it doesn't work for him, he thinks he must be applying it wrong. And so he applies it harder. Feminism becomes like magic fairy dust... it solves every problem. If it didn't work, you just didn't use enough.

So does a man like this need the red pill? Surprisingly enough, no. No he does not.

All he really needs to do is try different things. If he were to simply do random shit, if he were to invent an imaginary character every day and talk to women as that character, he would eventually start to figure out what women like. That is, after all, how the red pill was invented. But he won't do that, because he is stuck on one strategy.


Well, obviously because he thinks it must work. But also because he regards opportunities as rare and precious. He does not have abundance mentality. So when an opportunity comes along, he is afraid to deviate from his strategy, because anything new risks "wasting" the opportunity.

And this is the answer to the question new students often ask: "How can I have abundance mentality if I still don't have lots of sex, or pickup success?"

The answer is that the "abundance" in "abundance mentality" means abundance of opportunities, not abundance of successes. Even ThalesToAristole has abundance. There are women all around him. New women come along every day.

In order not to be insane (by trying the same thing over and over again), we must be able to regard opportunities as disposable, whether they be a woman who appears attracted to us, a job interview, an investment opportunity, something for sale, etc.

Opportunities are a river, not a pond. They flow past, but more will be along shortly. Try different things. Even if you are winning at life, shake things up and learn something. Don't just follow every piece of TRP advice as a set of step-by-step instructions. Use it as a starting point, and try something new, change up your style. Burn opportunities just because you can. There will always be more women, more jobs, more business ideas, more chances, until the day you die.

The problem this poor sad man has is not that he is gargling the blue koolaid. It's that he's stuck.

Don't be him.


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