Insecurities, or why women still don't know what the fuck they want.

July 5, 2019

There is currently a thread sitting on the front page of AskReddit titled "Girls of Reddit, what is something guys shouldn't feel insecure about?" that at the time of posting has accrued a score of about 40K. This serves to highlight the lost sexual identity of most men in the western world and how it's gotten so bad that they are asking the opposite sex, one in which have no experience whatsoever on being men in any capacity, on how to be men. This is how we've learned such memes as "jus b urself" and other fairy tales males now tell themselves is the golden ticket to getting a girlfriend and having sex like it's going out of style.

Here is a top reply at 9k showing why listening to women on what they want is a bad idea:

"I'm sitting here making a scrapbook, crying, balding, getting chubby, growing my moobs, possibly growing a beard - I'm 5'2", have a tiny dick and I can't solve a Rubik's cube to save my life. Ladies, GET AT ME!!"

Does that sound like the kind of guy a woman wants? Does this sound like a guy drowning in pussy or one who never has to worry about catching his wife in bed with his boss? No, but because women are saying that men shouldn't worry about this kind of shit ever, men are getting the false idea that they can have every undesirable trait under the sun and still be desirable.

Most men have insecurities. It's only natural to look at your fellow man every now and then and size yourself up. There is a good way and a bad way to do this, however. For example, I might never be super jacked like a Mr. Olympia contestant or be a world class athlete, but I still can get proper diet and exercise to look and feel like a million bucks. I can have my odd quirks as long as I develop a dozen more awesome character traits that are positive not only for me but whatever women (or other men) are in my bubble for the time being. Maybe I'm a manlet, maybe I fuck like I have a chocolate dick that cums money so fuck how tall I am.

The point is that theres a difference between merely having insecurities and having a handle on your shit. You could be insecure, ask women what they like in a man, and spin your wheels wondering why women aren't flocking to you, or you could take a good long look at yourself and ask out of you "what is holding me back" and then honestly fix that shit. The sidebar is a great place to start. Getting in shape, proper grooming, holding frame and being a net positive in any environment you're in goes a much longer way than having other women tell you that it's okay to act like a woman.

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