TL;DR Women do in fact find it attractive to leech wealthy men for their money.

Today I was sitting in the bank, waiting on banker for a wire. I was the only person in the lobby and there were 3 tellers in the front area, all mid- to late-20s women. Started listening to their conversation out of boredom and they were talking about alimony/child support. The blatant greed and selfishness was extremely striking; one of them talked about how some state or another (can't remember the name) had alimony paid on top of child support, which brought the other two to audible surprise. One of them commented on how nice it would be to marry a rich guy and basically leech them for their hard-earned money. This is the first time I've actually encountered TRP gospel in the flesh and it was rather gratifying. Just goes to show that in terms of prey, high-value traits (which are both interconnected) are large amounts of wealth and large amounts of loyalty and/or self-sacrificial commitment.

Lessons learned:

-Don't be prey and don't be host to a parasite.

-Don't get married.

-Don't become a slave to the state's bullshit favouritism laws.