Interesting technique I developed for training your brain to be confident at all times.

November 3, 2016
First off, I would like to say Thank all of you guys for this outlet. I was stuck in a rut. I didn't understand why I felt like I was banging my head against a wall metaphorically speaking. I knew I was confident. I am a catch. I'm fit, tall, smart, and funny. I had no self worth and couldn't even consider approaching a woman or even holding my head up as I go about my day.
After discovering this sub, I've had way more confidence. I'm just a lurker normally but just reading and relating to so many guys who have been able to overcome their blue pill lifestyle, I felt inspired. Today I look great, feel great. I couldn't have gotten here without this sub.
Without further pontification, I would like to share my secret for fooling your brain into being confident and keeping your chin up.
I pretend I have the majestic horns of a giant stag. I picture myself and all women with deer antlers. The women only have studs, more pointed and satanic the more attractive they are. I haven't quite worked out the psychology behind why I've become so much more confident from this method, however I feel much more stoic when I picture the appendages. (Who wants to have their head on a swivel with 50 lb antlers am I right?) This accomplishes two things. When I'm standing and pretending I'm showing off my 8 foot tall 24 point rack, I hold my head up, I puff my chest out, and I smile ear to ear every time this method has positive results.
This method also helps with selfdoubt. This was I think my main problem. I could be confident until I felt challenged. When a girl looked at me, it would totally throw off my confidence, now I just know she's noticing my antlers, and I haven't been this happy in a long time.
Upvote or downvote, try it for yourself, Idc what you do, I just needed to share my sneaky little trick to train your brain and give back to the community what's worked for me.
Again thanks to all of TRP for helping me find my confidence again.

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Title Interesting technique I developed for training your brain to be confident at all times.
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