tl;dr one of the most popular natty fitness gurus on YouTube, luimarco, is openly and proactively RedPill/MGTOW.

So I'm going to assume all of you here lift(god knows I've seen "go lift rite now fagit" here often enough), well if you ever looked for any advice on YouTube ever about lifting, you must have seen this man's videos(there are many). The name is L.U.I(luimarco channel name), the game is bodybuilding.

Luimarco is famous for his critiques of famous IFBB pro bodybuilders and has a pretty substantial following, some hundreds of thousands of subscribers. I've been watching this guy forever(he's one of the oldest guys in this bitch, near 40) and I've had the pleasure of seeing him evolve from the classic beta corporate drone, to a self-employed red-pill alpha.

And here's the kicker though. He doesn't only live the life style, he proactive advocates it. On his second channel "askluimarco" he openly uses the terms red-pill and mgtow. The surprising thing is that not only do those videos get a lot of views but their like to dislike ratio is super strong(ex: 4-5 k likes, 10-50 dislikes). This guy is reaching people in the mainstream, granted a vast large portion of his viewer base is males who lift dailyyy.

I've been busy for the past couple of months and have not kept up with his second channel as much (where most of the RP stuff comes in, his main channel is mostly for fitness) but this guy is just spitting truth right there in front of all of YouTube.

I'm going to post a link to one of his specific RP videos right here

Lessons Learned: RP has a face in atleast the YouTube fitness community, go check that guy out, and who knows maybe he's even part of this subreddit. If so lui, I salute you daily.