I found this subreddit by accident. I did a search for economic books and there was an interesting thread title I clicked on.

I'm not an alpha male. I never been one. But I thought I was some what intelligent and then my mind as some of the literature describes, someone took a dump in my head.

I always considered myself better than this shit. Even if I read this stuff at 23, I would have still screwed up for pussy. Some how I thought I was above the game. That was until I met a mediocre good looking woman that has a superiority complex. She was educated at a prestigious university. I made a shit ton of dough but lack the education credentials. Look wise, damn she was good looking. She's older now though so it's fading but back in the middle twenties, fuck. I'm a college drop out. I didn't see the shit coming fellas. I was naive. I knocked her up, I was madly in love with this crazy chick.

I fucked crazy and now I'm in misery fellas. Lots of rage and hurt. She's got full custody of the kid and a good chunk of my wealth and a lot of bullshit. She gamed me. I don't love our child any less, that won't deter my feelings, but the mother, she got me. She was just a secretary with that degree. Her friends, hot pieces of tail, same shit, maybe a simple office manager at best running around NYC riding the cock carousel.

Be careful fellas. Read this stuff, believe it. It's real.