Tl;dr: When it comes to seduction, it's ALWAYS the woman's fault. Make everything her fault - in a playful, non-guilty way.

This tip has an inner and outer game application. I've often said there is a synergy between inner and outer game. What this usually means is that inner game sticking points ( like a lack of decisiveness) manifest themselves in outer game sticking points ( like not being able to lead). The idea is a simple one. It's always her fault. So how do we apply this idea to inner game? Lately I've been hanging out with a lot of naturals. Guys that have never heard of any of this stuff, but somehow naturally learned to attract, date and seduce women. These guys come in all shapes and sizes, but the one thing they all have in common is this idea. No matter what they do or say when they're approaching a woman, if it goes wrong, it's always her fault. They say that because it allows them to stay in a good mood and laugh off the bad reaction. After all she was boring, weird, a bitch, etc... It helps them maintain their delusionally positive view that they are the pimp of the world. That's another hidden secret of the naturals, they always believe they are cooler than they actually are. Most guys have a tendency to over think and second guess themselves. Instead just blame the girl and immediately approach another girl or group. You can analyze every approach at the end of the night when you have time to write things down. In the venue, it's always her fault. The next way to apply the idea that it's always the girl's fault, comes when you are escalating. Whenever you escalate and hit some sort of resistance, you can just blame her for being so sexy, cute, fun, etc...

Let's give some examples:

Let's say I try to pull a girl in and kiss her and she resists, I can just say something like:

  • "You REALLY need to stop being so sexy, or I'm going to be all over you like this all night."

And then you push her away from you.

Or you two are talking and you look at her and say:

  • "I'm sorry I'm really distracted because you're just way too adorable to look at without thinking about kissing you. And that's horribly inappropriate right now, so you need to tone it down missy!"

If you're trying to bring a girl home and she's resisting you can say for example:

  • "It's your fault for being so irresistible that I want to keep hanging out with you, you should work on that, otherwise it could be trouble. Now let's go but no being sexy!"

The idea that it's always her fault is great because it turns her resistance into flattery by implying that she's so captivating that you've lost your senses and have to pursue her.

Turn all conversation around into

  • "How is she trying to sleep with me right now?"

  • "You're such a bad girl... I like that about you."

The key to doing this actually lies in the release. By blaming her you're also pushing her away. This creates a ton of sexual tension! This lets you naturally tease the girl as you act horrified by how hot, sexy, irresistible she is, it allows you to constantly qualify and disqualify her, sends mixed signals, and assumes a relationship between the two of you. In fact you can even start this plotline on the opener by blaming her for making you approach her! So the next time you're out keep in mind, no matter how it's going, it's ALWAYS her fault!

The Lesson: Since you are the prize, it's always gotta be the woman's fault. She's hitting on you, she's seducing you, etc...