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It's begun. [Rant]

November 24, 2015

tl;dr: Thoughts on Gender Quota's (GQ's) and the beginnings of a feminised Irish society.


They're 'debating' bringing in gender quota's for elections in Ireland. "Research shows that it will take three or four cycles to take effect" is what the pro GQ panelist finished with. That's 12 - 16 years. If this is ratified, the political parties in my home country will be forced to ensure that at least 30% of their candidates are women for up to 16 years, and I'll be 36 before I get a sniff of democracy again. It's undemocratic, it's pure, unadulterated gender based discrimination. In one particular constituency, a candidate was told his 'services were no longer required', as there had to be a woman on the ticket. My democratic right, and the democratic rights of every single Irish citizen are being shit on because society is cracking under the weight of: 'it's patriarchy's fault that women aren't in politics'. As if there couldn't possibly be another reason. As if it was a fundamental fucking constant of the universe that men and women be equal on every single aspect of humanity. We all know that story though.

The worst part of it is that I know this is just beginning. Thrice in the past few days has my RP senses tingled whilst watching the evening news. Most recently when I watched a story on the UCD 'no slut walk' or some feminist drivel-built movement where college girls (and some guys) dressed as slutty as possible to illustrate how not slutty they are. How many of those protesters do you think went out for a little celebratory drink afterwards, only to end up scampering into that same slutty outfit at 5AM in some randomer's bedroom and limped off to get the first bus of the day? The protest itself is so farcical that anybody with any knowledge of powertalk and critical thought know that the message was: "Just because we go out to clubs in clothes literally designed to attract the opposite sex's attention doesn't mean we have sex with guys you silly betas. Just hold this sign up high for me while I go look at Chad's Thunder-something, okay? Thanks, you're such a good friend".

I understand that this kind of thing is obvious to most on this thread, and that this post is somewhat disjointed, but I wanted to write about this to articulate my thoughts a bit and to inform those of you who'd listen. I realize that my country is getting fucked, and this is just the foreplay. My country doesn't even realize what's happening, it's literally a gargantuan beta male. Ironic.

I'm not really a huge fan of the men's rights side of the manosphere, but this is a kick in the balls. Fuck this. Fuck it all!

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