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It's not about your next trip to a bar

July 6, 2015

There was a time in my life, not that long ago, when you might have thought I was obsessed with food. No, I wasn’t fat, nor was I a professional chef. But my life seemed to consist of either going out to eat or planning what to cook. Going out to lunch with coworkers, going out to dinner with friends, having people over for dinner, maybe even going out for beers on weekends – these were the main events in my life. Food, food, drink, food, food. No sooner than I’d finished having lunch with someone, I’d be planning what I wanted to do for dinner.

In between that, I also seemed like something of a workaholic. I was moving from project to project at work, my life immersed in the task I was working on currently, then changing gears as I moved on to a new one. That was my life. Eat, work, eat, work, eat, sleep, maybe go out for beers on the weekend. Repeat. My life was defined by meals, drinks, and working. There’s some truth to that song “Everybody’s Working for the Weekend.” But even on the weekend, what did I do? Eat, drink, eat, maybe watch some fuckass TV, sleep. I didn’t just need a weekend from work. I needed a weekend from life.

If the biggest event you have going on in your life is your next meal, your next task at work, or even grabbing a beer with your friends this weekend, I have news for you: YOU ARE BORING!

This goes beyond girls, this goes beyond The Red Pill. If you’re in a rut where all you do is work, eat, sleep, and maybe go out on the weekend if you have time or can afford it, you might be missing something from your life. When you do have spare time, and the only things you can think up to do is go out to eat or go out for drinks or go out for coffee – food, food, drink, food, food – or maybe see a movie or get ahead at work…you’re missing out on everything.

How’s does it go? You’re not your job. You’re not the brand of beer you drink. You’re not your fucking khakis? Something like that.

Every day, or goddammit, at least once a week, do something. Fucking do something. Break out of your shell. Go crazy. Learn something new. Try something out. Not a new fucking restaurant or bar. Try something actually interesting. Be interesting. I don’t know, become a Yoga instructor, install a ceiling fan, take a guitar lesson, learn a foreign language, drive to a city you’ve never been, I can’t tell you what to do, but do something. Then tomorrow, do something different. Because if you’re just living meal to meal avoiding predators, you’re an animal. You’re missing out on the human experience. We showed up here, at The Red Pill, because we realized something is wrong with our lives. Something is missing. But the answer might not be in the latest front page rant about women. It might be on the banks of a river, the peak of a mountain, the skyline of a city you’ve never seen before, or even a car engine.

It’s easy to be a drone. Hang our heads, work our assess off doing nothing important, get paid not nearly enough for those precious hours of our limited lifespan, spend that cash on rent, food, drink, pleasure, repeat. But if you don’t have what you’re looking for today, right now, and you’re not on a clear path to get there, quit doing more of the same and do something different. Something new. Something better. Maybe some of those new things you try will be worse, not better, but at least you’re living life. Have a goal, do it. Then make a new goal. Become mission-oriented, not task oriented. Be going somewhere, be doing something, be busy. Always be busy. You can sleep in and sit on your ass when you’re dead.

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