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Jordan Peterson is not your friend.

February 4, 2018

Every once in a while, some new tradcon cock enters the public eye, and all the recovering betas here cannot forebear relapsing into their old ways and wrapping their lips around it for a good hard suck.

If tradcon shit was the Red Pill, why does the Red Pill exist? Why was this wonderful, perfect tradcon world of justice, health, strength, freedom, and the right way of doing shit so soundly and thoroughly defeated by feminism in a couple of decades?

Why? Because tradcon values are none of these things, they are shit, they always were shit, and it's very easy for slaves to replace one master with another. Tradcons do not give a shit about your welfare. They are just fighting with feminism over who gets to hold your leash.

When feminism first came along, why the men buy into it?

Because they thought it would free them. They thought that the chains would be struck from their own natural and healthy sexual appetites if only women were "liberated" to be sluts. Why would they have gone for that, if they were already free and happy.

No, tradcons may hate feminism and cultural Marxism, but The enemy of your enemy is not your friend. He is your enemy's enemy, nothing less and nothing more.

The reason tradcons hate these things is not because they want you to be free, but because those chains get in the way of the ones they want you to wear. Chains like marriage to some ho. Chains like absolutist morality, as sold with the superstitions of a bunch of bronze-age sheep herders, and who gives a fuck whether you are getting anything in exchange for all this righteousness.

They don't give a fuck about you. They just want you pulling their ideological wagon instead of someone else's. Tradcons and feminists can fight their little war over whose plan to exploit you for women's sake is "better", and you don't have to be involved. Because if you actually take the Red Pill, instead of just longing for a low-T, shrill, pencilnecked right-wing intellectual to suck up to, then this what you already know:

  • You belong to you.
  • You exist for you.
  • Anyone who wants something from you had better offer you something in exchange, instead of trying to convince you it's your duty.
  • Because every moral system is just some shit somebody sat down and came up with.
  • And if you buy into it when it hurts you, you're a fucking tool.
  • If you are still looking for someone to worship, you're still in beta-male suck-up mode.
  • Yes, that includes Jesus. If he loves you so much, why does he never pick up the phone and call?
  • Yes, that also includes me and other redpill dudes. We'll eat your lunch out of the fridge and steal your girl. We're just not bullshitting you, not because we love you, but because we hate bullshit.

You belong to you. You exist for you.

Never let anyone subvert your primary directive with bullshit.

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