Summary: This is my first contribution to this community after several months of lurking. This is not going to be anything special, just another example that confirms, once again, that AWALT. I found this video shared around on facebook by one BP friend. What he probably fails to understand is that this is not particular to this "lady" but it could happen to any of us if our SMV is not high enough.

This is the video (it's in Spanish, but I'll try to explain it for the ones of you that can't understand it): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D9gMylnEbwU

Body: So this is one of a lot of videos that are done by this guy. He does those so called "social experiments", nothing special, but it seems that most of them are oriented to showing us that AWALT.

In this video in particular we can see that he arrives with a "nice" car (hey, it might be nice for Mexico, I don't know, it's nothing special where I live) and immediately asks to a couple he finds where he can find a nice restaurant. When the guy answers he tells the girl to come with him.

After this the lady sees her opportunity to escalate a little bit further and have a ride (pun intended) with a guy that looks better than his actual boyfriend and, probably, has more money. He probably seems a lot more alpha that him as he has the balls to tell her to come with him in front of his boyfriend.

We can see that his actual boyfriend is actually a beta bitch as he is visibly angry but he never tells her not to go or anything, but "Do whatever you want". The bitch keeps insisting in going with him to god-knows-where and leaving his boyfriend there. "Let me give her a ride for five minutes, we will be back in an hour". That's what the guy tells the boyfriend, and the girl hops into the car.

When the girl is actually in the car he goes back to his boyfriend, tells the girl to jump off the car and then tells his boyfriend that "She is not worth it" and that "She is a gold digger". Then invites him to grab a couple beers and leave her there.

The next thing we see is those two guys leaving and the bitch yelling "Don't go", "Don't do this to me", etc. So, in her mind it was absolutely OK to leave with a stranger and leave her SO there, but it's not good at all when his boyfriend does this. Well, at least the beta boyfriend dogged a bullet there.

Bonus track: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=llphxKyhzVE (In Spanish too, sorry guys)

The same guy, this time, cold approaches a girl that makes very clear that she is not interested in him and that she is waiting for her boyfriend so he should go. After several people "recognize him" and ask to take photos with him she sees that he is famous and tells him that "She can tell his boyfriend to meet later" and that "They could grab something to eat/drink and go to her apartment as it's really close".

After this he tells her that he is not interested as she only wants him because she knows he is famous and leaves (of course she is only interested for that. Hipergamy is a bitch).

Conclusions : I'm sure you can draw your own conclusions. Nothing new under the sun, just a friendly reminder. Be your best, and then some more.