Summary: This is to figure out your strengths and weakness, so you can work on your weakness.


I’ve checked all around TRP and besides being mentioned once or twice, no one has ever talked about the Myers Briggs personality test for finding out your strength and weakness. Now I understand that people may have heard of this test before and find this to be a load of bullshit, it can be a useful TOOL in your arsenal to improve yourself. Here’s what you should do:

  • Go to this website, and take the test. (I found this one to be the most detailed out of the others.) Be honest, and don’t try to pick the answer that ‘feels right,’ pick the answers that describe you the most. Once you have your type and you read your description you should probably get a certain feeling like, ‘hey, this reminds me a lot of myself!’

Note: If you think the descriptions they give are too vague and broad, that’s because this is just the framework. Think of this like a computer, all computers have a hard drive, CPU, RAM, etc. However, each computer has its own special component which causes it be different from the others. The same applies to the MBTI.

  • Once you have your type, go here this is a playlist that has all 16 types listed will detailed information about each type. The reason I like this playlist the most is because it describes the strengths and weakness of each type by their Jungian cognitive functions. By the time you finished your video you should be able to analyze yourself and see if what they say is true to you.

For example, I am typed as an INTP and here are my cognitive functions are as ordered and I made a short summary of each of the cognitive functions by using an analogy, creating a video game.

Ti: Introverted Thinking:

Consider a INTP creating a open world MMO Video game, think something like Elder Scrolls: Skyrim. The INTP would have to think about the history, the lore, the background and many other things that will need to be included to make the game more realistic and immersive. How do they do that? By using the underlying principles of the real world and apply it to the video game. An INTP would also be able to look at other MMOs, see the underlying principles they used, and replicate it in his game with his own spin.

Ne: Extroverted intuition: The INTP wants to give the player freedom to do what it wants to do. Does it want to be good or evil? Do they want to save this village, and risk dying protecting it, or let it be destroyed and take the treasures in the village afterwards? Perhaps, you have a decision to kill a long hated enemy, give them mercy, or force them to work for you. Another example could be an INTP thinking of all the possible glitches and loopholes that could happen in the game, and preventing them from happening. These are all examples of Ne, it lets you look at a problem or an object in multiple angles and see all the different possibilities.

Si: Introverted Sensing: In terms of the Video game, this would be the INTP adding the little details: the swaying of the trees, the idle conversations in the towns, the sound of your breath and footsteps as you run. This function alongside Ne lets the INTP think of many ideas, while using their Si to keep them grounded enough to actually implement some of the ideas.

Fe: Extroverted Feeling: This is the INTP’s Weakness. While people would praise the video game for its ambitious story, freedom of choice, and it’s attention to the soundtrack and details. it would lose points with connecting with the player emotionally to the story. The reason for this is that the INTP, while being able to understand and feel emotions (no we are not robots) we have a hard time EXPRESSING them. Hence the romantic story plot will feel tacky, corny, and artificial. The emotional scene with choosing between saving your lover and saving your brother and sister will be anticlimactic.

Now, if I were to analyze myself, I am person who is always curious and if I find something interesting, I start to teach myself on the subject. For example, since an early age, I’ve been interested in Japanese and started learning it in college. I’ve also have been learning Judo, and Photography. I’ve also started playing Chess, and plan on learning the piano, Korean and Psychology. These are just a few of the things I’m interested in, (I have lists of things I want to learn.) In short, I want to be a modern Renaissance man. However when it comes to relationships, especially with women, I struggle very much. For example, when I’m in a social situation, I like it when everyone gets along and has a good vibe, as a result, while I pretend I don’t, in my mind I care greatly how other people perceive me. This is manifested in my moderate AA problems (Not going to talk to a hot chick drinking coffee because I’m afraid of getting blown out and having people snicker and laugh at me) So if I’m in a circle of friends and one of the chicks starts to get very emotional, I tend to freeze and start sweating, because this is NOT my comfort zone at all. I have no control over this chick who’s messing up the vibe of the group, and I try to calm her down, which only makes it worse. Afterwards, my mental state is fucked, and the rest of the night is ruined.

Since I know my weakness, I can work on making it better. For example, I now try to befriend guys and more social guys. That way, when I go to social conventions, I can bring a social buddy who’ll help me stay loose and relaxed.

Whew, done. This is my first post here, so tell me what you guys think.


By figuring out your mental framework, you can find out your strengths and find ways to overcome your weakness.