Summary- Lauren Southern black knights rabid feminist Slutwalk again, this time in Edmonton, with hilarious consequences. More importantly, manginas and MGTOWs also showed up - Don't be these guys.

Body- so awhile ago a Canadian libertarian anti-feminist Lauren Southern posted a video of her confronting the bastion of virtuous femininity that is 'Slutwalk' in Vancouver. That video can be found here.

Well after rave reviews, Lauren decided to drop in another Slutwalk, this time in the frigid northern city of Edmonton. Here is the video. It is mandatory to watch the video so do so, and return.

There is an awful lot going on in this video and we have a lot to talk about.

I'll just pick off the low-hanging fruit of the feminist stuff before getting to the meat of it. One of my favourites is around the 5:45 mark when the topless women starts complaining about getting catcalls. You can't make that shit up. I also like how shitty the whole event looks. What have we got? Some slut-themed poetry or songs? Also the tranny has to get in there. Anyways... Let's get to brass tacks.

Enter Epic Beta at around 4:15 with the 'consent is my kink' sign, and when asked what his sign means looks to the ground in shame and says-

I actually didn't make the sign

What the actual fuck dude? How in the fuck did he end up there? What woman forced this epic-level mangina to go do this shit on a Saturday afternoon? I would hazard a guess he is orbiting or even more horrifying, he is married and his wife did it.

Enter MGTOW at 3:15 (you can see them standing awkwardly in the background before then) Now this almost left me fucking speechless and I honestly didn't know whether to laugh or cry when I saw this. This is fucking pathetic. Look at them for fuck sakes, dressing up? It looks like he fashioned together his beta suit with tape and old garbage bags. (Sidebar- it's also very funny that he has a camera on his shoulder, at least he came prepared).

This is the alternative guys. Yeah the video has lots of hilarious feminists being stupid, and feel free to discuss that in the comments, there is a lot of fodder here so go for it.

But look at the men. This is the alternative to TRP and it should make you fucking sick or at least terrified to ever go back.

Lessons Learned

1) The alternative to TRP is terrifying.

2) Don't be these guys. Whether it's a liberal mangina beta male or a MGTOW, their lives are utter shit.