Let's Talk Pillow Talk

October 7, 2019

I feel like this isn't talked about enough and I haven't seen any specific mention in the sidebar.

Stop. Talking. After. Sex.

You Mr. Thundercock has slayed Miss Karen after weeks of passing frame and holding shit tests. You've been going into your local gym without swiping your membership because you're alfa AF and been meditating in Tibet to channel your inner Chad.

But the moment you bust your nut and your women lays next to you, you start spouting all your life stories. Now don't get me wrong, good pussy might get you delirious. Feel free to say whatever the fuck you want. But don't start talking about your emotional bitch shit; she doesn't care your daddy spanked you till you were 15.

I apologise if I come across a little feisty, it's just that I had an 8 hour shift with the town thot and she had the nerve to talk shit about this dude who poured out his heart to her. Now here she is the next day telling me how much of a bitch he is and sharing his business with me, shit that he shared with her in confidence and in the confines of his bedroom. But ofcourse this slut doesn't give a fuck because she just thinks her doormat of a pussy was made by God's right hand.

Anyway, this is all to reinforce the importance of frame. Use your "post nut clarity" to plan and execute something productive with your life, not to give validation to some excuse of a female. If you were a rock of a man before the lay but then turn into Kenny the Parrot after, she's going to feed her ego thinking her pussy was so good that she broke you. This is a guarantee that her pussy will remain drier than an Arab's nutsack on Ramadan.

Keep the pillow talk to a minimum. Don't talk about your negatives. Don't talk about your exes. Don't talk about your friends or family. Ofcourse this might be different if she's your LTR but even then what you say must be calculated.

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