Like Warm Apple Pie.

June 25, 2019

There's a neverending battle in the sperg nation regarding SMV.

"Looks are all that matters!"

"No way! you need to have solid frame!"

"You guys are idiots! Game is the most important piece of SMV!"

You're all wrong.

Women want the package. A pie without any missing sections, and the biggest diameter pie she can get. Matter of fact she'd rather a complete pie that is smaller than a pie with a missing piece. (Never let them see you weak.)

So think of the SMV factors as pie pieces. A pie chart if you will.

If you're not so pretty, you have to either increase the size of that slice, or have bigger pieces of other values to fill up the pan. Preferably both.

If your game sucks, get better at game and ensure your looks and frame are compensating.

Always present the largest entire pie to women.

That's SMV. When you've maximized your SMV, you have increased the diameter of your complete pie to your maximum.

Some guys will only ever have a 6 inch pie. Other guys will be an 8. Dudes who take TRP to heart will start with a 4 inch shell with a big slice cut out and end up with a full 7 incher. Guys who have the fatalistic attitude of not understanding you can modify your tiny sliced up pie will never have a SMV increase and their pie will be left on the shelf in the market to rot.

How big is each pie slice? What percentage of the pie is looks? Completely irrelevant. As long as your sections all add up to a full pie then you've done your job and have maximized your SMV. Maybe you'll never have a fully stuffed steaming hot 9 incher to display. That's life. But if you work at it, you can be the king of the 7's.

The other PIE.

The other reason I'm mentioning pie is that it's a useful memnomic during dates.

P Polarize - Get her to say "hell yes" or "hell no" early so neither of you wastes time, and you can set a sexual tone asap.

I Isolate - Get her away from friends, hens, crowds, double dates, need to show her you want to be with her, not as an orbiter, not as a tampon, not as a bestie... you want to be ALONE with her. Again, to set a sexual tone and to drive the interaction as the man should.

E Escalate - Get intimate. Break the touch barrier. Get in her personal space. Push and pull, create sexual tension. Increase the intimacy until you are inside her or she shuts you down. Be outcome independent, but push for the outcome you want, all the while calibrating to her responses.

Be aware of these two aspects of pie and your dad will never catch you fucking mom's still warm one in the kitchen.

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