So it seems that feminists all over the world had a serious field day when Bic (that pen company we all love so much) decided to release an image of woman with the slogan:

Look like a girl Act like a lady Think like a man Work like a boss

i will leave the link to The Guardian post right here so you can judge for yourself

SJW's and feminists alike must have thought that all their christmas' have come bundled up together as one as en masse they took to social media to denounce a fairly benign attempt to 'empower' women around the world.

I think what makes me laugh the most is that the irony is so overwhelming i very nearly wet myself at their stupidity. If all women looked like (18+) girls, acted like ladies, thought like men and worked like a boss then it stands to reason that the world would be a much happier place, with both sexes happily cohabiting side by side. Cos lets face it, Women strive to look like bitches, act like bitches, think like.... i think you can see where this is going