LTR, something more important than n-count?

September 12, 2015

Recently a post came by that warned men to look out for alpha-widows, rather than the number, because alpha-widows is what truly matters.

To a certain degree, they made a very good point. However in the comment section it was said that it was difficult to spot an alpha widow, thus figuring out the n-count was a good proxy. As more partners increases the likelihood of a high n.

I say it's a bad proxy, and there's a much better proxy.

What's the reason we enter a LTR? We look for certain things, we want our lives to be nicer and improve our happiness. A woman that's alpha-widowed will nag at you because she constantly compares you to the alpha. She will never be proud of you or have a high libido around you once you're in a stable LTR. She will never truly appreciate you and want to care for you, she is settling.

Obviously, an alpha-widow can by default not bring you a happy LTR. There's no need to check if she's an alpha-widow, you'll know by having a shitty girlfriend.

What about the n-count? None of us want to date a slut, but the truth is that finding virgins above a certain age is near impossible, so we have to give some stretch to that. (Despite maybe wanting to fuck 18yo virgins on the side, for a LTR they may for various reasons not be suitable) A girl that has been with a 100 men is obviously an extreme example and you don't want to LTR that out of pure shame and disgust. But what about 10 or 20? If she's 25 and lost her virginity at 18 (very decent) that'll still be 7 years of having sex. Even with a couple of LTRs on her side she may easily move to these numbers by not wanting to not have sex for over 3 months as she enjoys sex. Some of you will disagree with me here, but let's say that that's not very extreme behavior and may for some of us be acceptable. Maybe you agree with the core of what I'm trying to say, but disagree on my 10 to 20 interval, that's all fine, we can say the same but put the numbers on 5 - 10 or 2-5 if you like, it's not the point here to say what a high n-count means.

But, if within acceptable range for you, and she makes a great supportive girlfriend who's proud of you and cares for you, are those not the more important values in a LTR? Especially for the new guys here, if the debate becomes obsessed with terms as n-count and alpha-widows, you may forget what the reasons are to enter a LTR in the first place, and that she must qualify on thát level for you. She must make your life better, it's simple as that. If she brings you drama and wastes your time, you dump her, if she makes you a better man and enables you to develop yourself even further, that's a woman you want to stick around.

Nevertheless, always remember that it can end at any moment and that you will need neverending frame to keep a LTR going.

The lesson I want to convery is that a virgin who isn't alpha widowed, but doesn't add any value to your life other than sex, is not LTR material. Women that only provide sex are plates and FWBs, not LTR. Her non-virgin sister who's had a ONS, a LTR, and 3 FWBs before you, may prove much more worth in your life.

An alpha-widow however, cannot be a worthy LTR no matter how bad she wants your commitment as in her eyes you'll never be as good as what she feels she deserves. No need to dig into her history to check this, it'll show automatically.

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