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Marriage: Red Pill on Hamster Mode.

March 12, 2015

If you ever doubt for moment that the Rationalization Hamster exists within the male of the species, talk to a bunch of married TRP subscribers.

And you will come face to face with it.

We all know that marriage has been twisted into something that isn't good for you. We've all seen the evidence that fatherhood no longer exists.

Yet certain men, knowing they have failed to properly apply Bitch Management 101, looking at the same reality as the rest of us, allegedly having taken the red pill and unplugged...

... suddenly start making up reasons why they didn't actually fuck up.

So it's time to play:

"Married Red Pill" or Bitch Hitting the Wall!

Just peruse this list of common sayings, and guess which ones come from married TRP readers (A), and which ones come from bitches hitting the wall and marrying a beta (B)! Keep track of your answers!

  • "I wanted to settle down and build something."
  • "I needed a stable relationship to have kids in."
  • "My tastes have matured."
  • "I grew up."
  • "My (partner) is awesome."
  • "(Someone) without kids is (someone) without a legacy."
  • "If you don't reproduce, you lose at evolution."
  • "It's (relationships) on Hard Mode."

Got all your answers written down? Good. Now throw them away, and smack yourself upside the head for submitting to a stranger's frame on the internet. And when you're done with that, pay attention to my actual point.

Some men don't want to admit they made a mistake, and would rather rationalize like bitches instead of owning up to it.

We all made mistakes before we woke the fuck up. And some mistakes are not easily undone. And when you make a permanent mistake, you certainly want to do everything you can to minimize the damage instead of lying down and dying. And yes, the red pill can help with that.

But do not pretend that marriage is anything but a mistake. When you start telling others to imitate your mistakes "so they can have children", you're not only delusional and dangerous to yourself, you're malignant and dangerous to others.

Men cannot have children. Men have no legal rights to speak of, where children are concerned. We know better than to give women things in the hopes that the rule of reciprocity will suddenly, magically start working on bitches, and they'll want to repay us with sex... that's pussy begging, and we know better.

Putting a ring on it in the hopes that the rule of reciprocity will magically start working on this one bitch is uterus begging, like pussy begging, but taken five inches further.

If you want kids, adopt (very low risk). If you want your biological kids, hire a surrogate (not zero risk, but lower). If you want kids in a relationship, have an LTR and get her pregnant (high risk, but still not marriage).

Marriage provides you zero protection. Remember Briffault's Law... reciprocity does not work with females. Your only protection in a relationship is ever-present willingness and ability to kick her to the curb.

And if you are married, good luck to you. But don't be bucket crab. Don't trick younger, more naive men into emulating your mistakes just so you can prop up your wounded feels.

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