So a TIL post titled:

TIL that Matthew McConaughey, with no acting experience, met a producer at a bar at 330 in the morning, the producer asked him to come down to a set at 930 that morning. In six hours, his career was launched with Dazed and Confused.

Made it to the Top of All today

At 9:30 He explains how men are pawns in rom coms and then explains the correct way to handle a shit test. Although it's only 2 mins I'd highly recommend watching it. He explains how movies are inherently BP and that he handles situations with RP. It is RP 101 and the crowd gets it.

Id also like to add the top reddit comment:

Lesson learned: Life is much easier when you are very good looking and have a cool accent

Although this may be true he explains that he works out everyday and takes care of himself. This coupled with high self esteem is what leads to becoming that guy - not just his fucking looks.