Men are not scared of women. Men are scared of the state.

January 26, 2017

There's no shortage of articles by female authors who boast about how their intelligence or independence intimidates men. Here's a wake up call, lady, he is not intimidated by you.

What he is intimidated by, is the state. He is scared of the never ending army of policemen with guns and armor that you can wield against him if you levy the right charge.

When you declare to the world what a strong, intelligent feminist you are, he gets the impression you are aware of the power at your disposal, and the means by which you can inflict those powers upon him. Make the right accusation, and he is fucked for life. Naturally, they'd rather avoid you, which leaves you to vent your frustration:

If it were just the two of you on an otherwise uninhabited island, he would have nothing to fear from you.

Lessons to remember

Never let your guard down. Follow the strict limits of the law. Do not give the government any ground to fuck you over. Keep your head up around women (and men) but always be wary of the state. And remember, women who proclaim to be intelligent and independent tend to be neither.

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