Men Give Gillette The Middle Finger

January 15, 2019

Gillette seems to have landed themselves in one of the largest advertising shitstorms in recent memory. Their latest virtue signalling flop goes on a lengthy, painful monologue about how the "misbehavings" of men having gone on far too long. It features all your favorite characters, toxic masculinity, mansplaining, cat-calling, "boys will be boys", painting an overall picture that modern men are pieces of shit and need to start doing better.

Now, I'm not sure if it's excess soy in the office coffee machine, or the extensive diversity training going on at P&G, but never have I seen a business stray so far from their customer base and completely miss the mark as spectacularly as they have. The customer relations team clearly took an extended Christmas break. A simple survey, or target market analysis would have forewarned them about the media tsunami they were about to sail themselves into.

This is what happens when you pander to a child. That screaming, screeching, emotion driven, reason-less, blue haired child, who has never spent a day in the real world. The one who shouts loudest, moans about how terrible the world is, and that she's owed it all. The one who most people simply ignored, let it kick and scream, make it's scene and avoided aslong as it wasn't them getting dragged into the courtroom on a #metoo claim.

The child who also just happened to be a massive minority. The one who doesn't speak for the masses and the one who certainly doesn't speak for men. You see, Gillette missed the pendulum swing, they missed Trump being elected, they missed Brexit, Bolsonaro, Trudeaux's current approval rating, yellow vest protests. They missed the signs. While the rest of the world was getting tired of that screaming, moaning child and started sending it to it's room, Gillette thought it's was the right time to feed it Candy.

I can just Imagine the boardroom discussion, filled with SJW hires, thinking they we're about to receive a world of praise for leading the movement against the big bad patriarchy, and all it's oppression's on woman, but instead were greeted with a viscious backlash and a valuable lesson, insulting and demonizing your customer base is probably not good for business.

They tried to justify it. Firstly as, "not all men", you know, the tagline libtard's use to shit all over if you used to try distance yourself from rapist and wife beaters. Secondly as, "well if you're offended by it, it probably mean's you". Meaning if Gillette/Venus put an ad together about Toxic Femininity featuring gold diggers, hypergamous cheaters, divorce rapists and attention whore's as their fundamental premise they wouldn't have batted an eyelid? Sure.

It's no secret big business has been fueling the movement to feminize society as much as possible and to put as much power in the hands of wahmenz. I can only hope that this is the beginning of a more consistent resistance to the Globohomo Clown world fuckery, hopefully reddit takes some notes too, but more importantly, hopefully we see more men being men. Men giving Gillette the middle finger is about the most positive sign of society wide masculinity I've seen in years.

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