Tl;dr: Beta's validate and pedastalize anything with a vagina, even if it weighs 300 pounds, looks like a bloated sloth and needs hamburger grease and femdom to accept his pathetic cock.

First thing's first, I have to give credit to TRP user Cyralea for posting this great resource on another post. I have seen stuff like this before, but this is on a whole new level.

For those who are unaware; A miscer is one of the infamously stereotypical internet 'bros' who populate the miscellaneous sub-forum of There has been numerous posts on TRP about miscers running experiments like the ones I am covering today.

Anyway, to the content:

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First; the girls (experiment's) profile: There's already a few red-flags that can be seen before any of the subjects interact with our pudgy hamburgler.

Longest relationship: Under 1 year

An indicator a girl's gotten a taste for the CC and ain't lookin' back

Do you have children? Yes


Her profile: A laundry list of pre-requisites, topped off with the cherry:

And most importantly, treat me like the queen I truly am, if that's you then hit me up :)

Now, I'm aware, as you are, that this is a fake profile, but there are women like this, and the point is that men will still validate these women, despite fishing for SMV double her own.

I know personally if I see a hot girl put something like that in her profile I am instantly turned off. It is an indicator for trouble. A woman that believes she's worth a lot more than she actually is. Sound familiar?

Now, to the meat and potatoes:

The first guy that messages OP tells her(him) that she's(he's) in over her(his) head. Damn straight! Not a bad start so far.

Now, I could go on and do an analysis of the first example posted by OP since it is the worst example, but it's later revealed he has epilepsy and lives on government payments, and I feel a better example would be made of capable men with no reason to go dumpster diving.

Most of the men (besides the first example) are fairly average looking and OP's fictitious Grease gobbler would be striking above her weight with these guys.

A reasonably attractive 27 year old black man with cauliflower ears is set up for a hook-up in 5 messages.

The next example is my favorite: A 31 year old chubby dude messages OP and tries to set up a date, when she doesn't reply to 4 messages in a row he types:

why u quiet u find berre(better) man than me

You can't get any more beta than publicly denouncing any semblance of having abundance mentality. He has just told the girl he has literally no options.

OP: I'm busy, i'll contact you later

Guy: are u sure u wanna meet

Guy: i hope to hear from you soon

This is depressing stuff.

Even when OP is obviously trolling, the guys are still drooling for those greasy beef curtains.

Eg: Example #3 - 27 year old 5'9" athletic white dude with okay face and tattoos.

Messages OP, leads to:

Well I was thinking you could come over to my place, you bring some food cause im hungry (mcdonalds) and then ill let you eat some fries out of my pussy

Guy #3: oh yah really now that sounds fun but your far away from me lol

...How do beta's manage to stand up without any spines?? She asks him to go to the effort of buying her food, traveling to her and then being served the food out of her pussy like a dog. The fact he reacted with anything but outrage is genuinely concerning.

To finish off, here is a redeeming message from a man with his balls still intact:

Guy: Not to be mean, but you look like you belong at Seaworld, who are you to demand anything from a man?

OP: Excuse me, my mother told me I am a precious and unique flower. How dare you speak to me in such a way.

OP: I'm not even fat. I drank a lot of water so I look bloated in those pictures.

OP gives a good impression of a girl's hamster.

Guys response:

She probably said "you look like the girl from precious" not "you're precious"

All laughs aside, I suggest you have a glance at the full thread, it's entertaining and depressing simultaneously. An interesting contrast to say the least.

Also the comments from spectating Miscers is showing stages of TRP values:

  • lost my chit at 'do you like flowers' but mind = blown at this thread overall

  • I wish this didn't piss me off as much as it does.

  • holy fukk at seemingly normal dudes who would fukk that cetacean

  • This is disgusting, Ive lost all faith in humanity the girl is at best a 1/10 and has average looking guys hitting her up like asking to hookup

  • LOL'd at the black having NONE of it, as soon as she offered up the poon he was like....."tomorrow it is!".

There you have it folks. Even landwhales get their choice of men, especially with the introduction of next-gen online dating, with instant desperate cock straight to your door including complimentary chicken wings and flowers! And he'll even let you stick a cucumber up his ass if you let him maybe sniff your pussy!