[Mod] On red pill discourse, and a brief discussion on BETA

February 25, 2014

Just wanted to touch base with the community and talk about our discourse a little bit. Want to steer our discussion a bit.

We do have a lot of examples of red and blue people acting the way they do, which is good. I like data points, and I love the discussion. I want to mention that I've seen people posting detailed analyses of these examples and logs, and I like that. So please keep it up.

Regarding red pill theory- I really do enjoy seeing posts discussing different ideas and concepts in the red pill. I realize for some of the older members, most of these are tired and rehashing is less fun than just digging up examples of blue pillers doing what they do, but it's always a good discussion to have, especially for our newer members, to understand and see multiple perspectives in order to really internalize the material. I think in the next few weeks, I'm going to be starting a series of discussions on Rollo's Year One. So look forward to that. In the mean time, please do make submissions talking about your observations and theories.

On reaction gifs and low-quality humor. I don't want to make this place feel like a silent hall of tyranny, so for the most part we let humor and funny posts stay around- but I would like to encourage our subscribers to put effort into their replies. If you see a relatively low-quality reply click report. If we get a few reports, it comes directly to our attention. We sometimes remove threads that don't really add to conversation, even if they don't break the rules.

On Beta

Calling people "beta" or really names at all as an insult really misses the purpose of the sub. Folks, it should be clear to you by now that beta in and of itself is not a negative trait. In fact, if you've used the term "beta" as a derogatory in the past week, I think it might be time to revisit the side bar. We're not here to bitch or insult people, we're here to analyze and understand people, and learn from their mistakes.

I'll probably make another post about the term beta again, but it should be mentioned briefly here that women have a dualistic mating strategy they crave alpha seed, but also beta provisions. We spend a lot of time here deriding women for demanding beta, for creating betas- and we spend a lot of time congratulating ourselves that we're not betas. But that's just nonsense. Women have the instinct to curb men's behaviors and betafy men for a multitude of reasons. Fitness testing and hypergamy- they want to ensure they have a high quality mate, and prepare to move along if they don't... but they also do have a desire and requirement for beta provisioning.

The reason we always seem down on the lowly beta is when their beta traits outweigh any alpha traits they may have. They get all the cons of a beta, but none of the pros.

Men, if you're looking for a long term relationship, you need to balance alpha and beta traits. You won't keep a woman around with purely alpha behavior, just as you won't with purely beta behavior.

Remember that when you suggest a man is a "beta" what you really mean is that he lacks alpha qualities and lets people take advantage. I would rather not associate such a negative stigma with the term beta. Our new users should realize that once you've unlearned your bad habbits, that classic beta traits can be useful in relationship game, and you should eventually (not as a starter, but eventually) attempt to master this balance.

Thanks, men. Here's to 40,000 subs.

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