[Mod] On the future viability of the sub...

February 5, 2015

Just wanted to put a quick note up, since there's been a lot of rumor and talk spreading about the impending demise of TRP.

First of all, I don't think we're going anywhere any time soon. We follow Reddit rules, and even enforce some stricter rules that aren't necessary according to Reddit's base rules.

We don't brigade, we don't link, we don't doxx, and we don't harass anybody.

We don't advocate breaking the law, nor do we discuss ways to do it.

There really isn't a problem as far as I've seen. The admins have been in contact with us whenever there is a problem, and we've resolved them quickly without fuss.

But, since there is some level of panic, I will reiterate our backup plans:

  • Meet at http://puerarchy.com
  • A link to new forums will be posted there.
  • No, we will not be opening new forums until such an event occurs. We are TheRedPill subreddit, the entire point was to be a subreddit. There's no need to relocate unless this becomes a problem.
  • Archives of our greatest posts are being made and kept in case of trouble.

If anybody has programming skill and wants to help with the automated backup of threads, I would be most appreciative. We've had limited success up until now.

If you would like to receive email notices in case of emergency, you may sign up for our mail list:



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