[Mod] Spam policy and the shameless self promotion issue

October 8, 2015

So we've noticed and got some complaints about GLO posting tshirt links on his stuff.

We get it, you think it's tasteless. Now shut up about it.

As always, the moderator policy on spam has been: REMOVE ON SIGHT.

If we see posts that are blatant spam we will remove them.

But quality content is a different story. Since the inception of this sub, people have posted and linked to their personal blogs where you can buy their stuff or donate all the time.

GLO doesn't use a blog, he just posts here. So he threw a tshirt at the bottom. Big deal.

The moderator position is that while it's a bit shameless, it doesn't break any rules.

If you don't like it, downvote and move on. Maybe send him a message. Don't bitch and moan about it.

Think about how he got to this position. He clearly put in a lot of time and effort gaining the respect of many members here. He's spent countless hours coaching individuals on skype and in the chat room. He has offered entertainment and insight to the sub. Clearly, people enjoy his work enough that his posts tend to get upvoted. Instead of denouncing his work because he put a t-shirt link at the bottom of his posts, you should wonder how he got popular and wonder if maybe, just maybe, he deserves the respect that he garnered, and at the very least you should cut him a little fucking slack.

GLO, like every other member, is subject to the rules here. That means if he posts spam, it will get removed just like anybody else.

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