The gold of this reddit is its exploration of theory. As u/redpillschool wrote:

One of the defining characteristics of the red pill has been discussion of social theories that buck mainstream culture, things that sometimes highlight the ugly underside of human behavior...

However, thus far our social theory discussions have been largely limited to the subject of women's social interactions (dualistic mating strategy of women, Briffault's law, hypergamy, solipsism, hamstering, the feminine imperative, etc..). If we continue to restrain ourselves to this narrow arena, the conversation will grow stale and we will be left with endless reinterpretations and examples of the same theories. In such an environment, devoid of new theoretical exploration, it will be hard to avoid a populus which becomes focused on the rules, platitudes and imperatives which are born of these apparently static theories.

As such, I am going to be so bold as to suggest we expand our theory discussion into new territory, something I call human interaction theory.

Above and apart from the theory underlying female attraction for men is the unexplored issue of human magnetism generally. Why do people interact? What sort of value exchange takes place that makes interaction desirable? What is it that universally attracts one human to another? What is the basis of life-long friendships, and alliances? Why do some humans risk their lives for each other while others risk their lives to destroy each other?

Why don't we try to expand our theoretical explorations to the subject of having successful human interactions generally? This is beyond the scope of the 48 Rules of Power text, which implies power is the only goal of human interaction.

Humans have been evolutionarily selected to be social creatures; as such there must be a biologically programmed brain/body chemical reward system in our wiring which rewards us with feelings of well-being whenever we have healthy social interactions with others. Conversely, we will experience depression and negative mental repercussions if we have a habit of unhealthy interactions with others. What makes an interaction healthy or unhealthy? What are the goals of social interactions?

The primary goal, as I understand it, is the development of quality connections with others. Connections on which multiple types of value can be exchanged. In the context of female attraction theory, we have learned how to generate value for women (by being alpha) so that we can extract some value from them (sex). The premise is that we have learned how to alter our behavior in a way that induces energetic shifts in women (tingles) and have enjoyed the fruits of this practice. Along the way, we've discovered that this shift in our own energetic vibration (being more alpha) has brought with it a number of other benefits as well (e.g., respect from others who we weren't specifically targeting). What other types of energetic shifts can we engage in, in order to effortlessly induce desirable internal state shifts for others? From what standpoint can we approach social interactions in such that we enjoy (a step beyond effortlessness) making everyone in our life feel happy and privileged to be around us - resulting in their desire to be of benefit to us?

Also up for exploration is the question: in what way can we build connections with others which we enjoy ipso-facto?.. interactions which we enjoy not because of any material benefit but because of a value exchange taking place purely on the emotional spectrum? That is to say, what is the science behind the meaningfulness of social interactions and how can we can we use this to build meaningful connections with others?

Put in more practical language - How do we talk with loosely known associates in a way that makes them like us and want to help us immediately? How do we build the feeling of (or actual) real connection with people in the shortest amount of time? How do we induce non-sexual "tingles" in everyone we meet? How can we apply our study of attraction theory to non-sexual interactions?

I have some ideas and I'll be throwing up some posts but I am equally or more interested in the perspective and experience of others in this community.