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Most guys have no idea what they are doing.

February 18, 2021

If you haven't heard about them, we are currently having a lost boy epidemic. Lost boys is a term coined by illimitable Man to describe a lost generation (more like 3) of men who have been without strong male guidance or societal need dealing with the aimlessness in different ways. To illustrate:

Your grandfather likely worked on a farm, as did his dad, almost everyone did. They were conscripted to war and those who returned had women who needed them to provide food water and shelter. They were too busy not starving to death to ponder their 'masculinity' but they had purpose. Your father likely had a manufacturing job. He may or may not have gone to war, but he worked his whole life, and so long as he cashed out before the 1980s he had a pension. He enjoyed a post war prosperity that was unheard of. He saw the merging of the sexual, industrial, and information revolutions.
You didn't sign up for a war as there wasn't one. You didn't have a rite of passage because you're not a fucking paleolithic hunter who the tribe needed to keep from starving to death. You are raised in a world of abundance and no one needs you for anything. You mistakenly think that sucks, when in reality every man who came before you worked his ass off so you wouldn't have to. you spend all day trying to find purpose, meaning, or something to look up to like a dad 2.0.

The point is things are moving fast now. Your dad or grandfather have no idea what life is like for a man now, so they are no help. They have no idea what you're doing. None of your friends know, none of your brothers or sisters know, it's entirely new ground here. Roissy himself said that Voltaire would be sad to see seduction reduced to a list of clinical ideas and concepts, removing all the magic out of fucking, but hey, it works. This is uncharted territory, and the one thing you need to remember

No one has a fucking clue what to do, and anyone who says otherwise is selling you something or demanding you reassure them they are doing it right

The best advice in here for guys who don't know whats good or bad advice is to 'try it yourself' and thats a generally good idea. It's one thing to try acting aloof or not returning a girls calls who keeps wasting your time without fucking you. It's a whole other thing to completely reimagine your life based on some asshole online shouting "Be like me, it's working for me! So Far!" It's everywhere:


I want to quote Whisper on this, but can't be sure. This place was never meant to tell you 'what to think' it was meant to show you 'how to think' and one of the first things worth thinking is:

Is this guy full of shit, clueless, naive or what?

And the answer, 90% of the time is, yes. Yes he is. In the same way a brand new wife could never imagine not loving her new husband to death, a jaded ten year wife leaves her husband because 'he's boring, I'm not haaapy anymore and he was emotionally abusive.' The point the people who are old enough to have experience lived in a different time, and the people who aren't don't have any idea if they just made a life changing fuckup, and they won't for years.

Now, it's possible that whoever is telling you what you NEED to do with your life is the best thing ever, but it's likely it isn't. If it was as good as they say they wouldn't be pushing so hard for you to join them like an Amway salesman having tupperwear parties. I've not been around that long and I think about everyone calling me a fucking moron because I balked at the idea of buying a house in 2006 e.g. It's not that they wanted everyone around them to lose money, they just didn't know any better, but they felt reassured they did when everyone else was doing it too.

So, like just about anyone alive, you have no idea what the 'right choice' is, and thats OK. Trust in your abilities. Game is one part of that. The ability to walk up to a girl, look good, be charming, and fuck her well enough that she texts you 'you awake?' at 11PM a few times a week is something that will help you. Not just in scratching that itch, but that same charm will really help if you're interviewing for a job, giving a pitch to a potential client, telling that officer who pulled you over that you don't know how fast you were going etc.

Whatever happens, the more tools you have the sharper your skills, and the better you are able to separate shit from Shinola, the better you'll be able to adapt to whatever 2021, 2022 or whatever brings. And no one knows, seriously. Do you think anyone knew in 2019 that you'd have to deal with this shit? Don't sweat the details, make yourself into the man you would entrust with your life, and he will make the decisions that have to be made in your own self interests. After all, that guy wipes your ass everyday for free when no one else would dream of doing it.

And if you have a specific problem that a tnageable goal you are having trouble with, one of the best solutions is to bring it up in front of a few thousand dudes, because at least one guy has done it before and can probably show you what worked for him, or at least what didn't.

To summarize, for those who lack purpose, meaning, a roadmap, direction, leadership, or a mission, the answer is easy: The mission is you, the goals are the ones you make for yourself, and if they are wrong, you'll have learned from them and picked better ones the next time. Don't let anyone take those decisions from you, since they are the ones that will make or break you in life.

If you don't believe me, go find an old dude who let his wife call the shots, or the cop who relied on his union and government to protect his pension. or the realtionship coach who livestreamed his felony ask how they are holding up.

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