My feminist obese roommate self-admittedly, in a 'joking' manner, said she couldn't get one date after being on multiple dating apps and websites. On the front she was joking, but deep down she is the most insecure person I have yet seen and she is that way constantly. Despite hating men it's very clear she has a strong desire for the D. When we go out or when we talk about relationships she always throws herself up as being a defender and protector for the women, saying things: "I'll cut his balls off if he does x to you" and always being in vigilant-mode to protect 'her chicks' from oppressing males.

She doesn't realize that by doing this she is 'oppressing' her female friends by treating them as weak individuals who can't defend themselves in perfectly normal circumstances, don't have sexual desires and in general don't know what's good for them. Her delusions are pathetic to see and I just wanted to quickly vent about this insecure and obese tumblrite. She literally fits every stereotype you have of tumblrites, but if I wen't through all her shit you wouldn't even believe it, so I'll stick to what I have said so far.