Summary: See yourself doing well and do it. Don't be afraid to fail. You start achieving, once you become fearless and smart. Let go of bad toxins in your life.

Good Morning fellas, or evening wherever you may be on this green earth. I would like to share some information with you. As we all know, TRP is tough to swallow initially. You view everything differently than what you've been programed to see/believe. I'm going to cut down to it. I'm 20 years old, I'm going into my junior year of college. Not to brag or boast, but I've done things people in my life can only dream of doing. I've wrote and publish a book that sold over 15,000 copies, and I'm currently working on a second. I've auditioned for movies and made it to the final rounds of casting. I've had phone conversations with producers and casting directors, James Franco being the most famous one. I've won State and National pageants, after failing multiple times. I've lead big theater productions, as the leading man. I've wrote screenplays for sitcoms and movies, some which are in negations or considerations. Now this may seem like a roll call of accomplishments, but let me share something with you. I failed my first time during all of those attempts. TRP and guys like Arnold, Sly, Malcolm X, etc. all motivated me to not be afraid of failure, and to ignore doubters. You will encounter doubters on this Red pill journey, but who cares? Friends, and even family WILL doubt you. There is no maybes with this. You must cut all toxins off from your life and go get what you want. You must have a desire coming into this thing to even go forward. Visualization also plays a big key in achieving and bettering yourself as a MAN. visualize something before you become it.

L/L: Ignore the naysayers. Motivate yourself on a daily basis and go out and get what you want. Don't be afraid of failure, otherwise you've already lost.