Hey guys.

A while ago I went through a pretty bad break up while on a cruise. Sadly the girl I was seeing was not committed to keeping the relationship monogamous. Additionally this was not the first time that infidelity peered it's ugly head into one of my relationship. So it was time for a change.

I started as casual lurker of this subreddit. Initially I was against the a lot of ideology spread around the sub. People without any science background would post scientific articles and then try to rationalize them. Inaccurately. But a constant trend of self motivation, confidence and especially lowering females off an unobtainable pedestal registered with me.

I loved field reports. Read them all the time. Some were clearly fiction, but others told stories of uncertain guys swallowing their doubt and succeeding.

After a few months of living with doubt, I felt like it was time to give this a shot.

So here's my Red Pill experience.

This past weekend I was out of state giving a seminar about my work. There was a beautiful girl there who was listening in. I'm talking about stunning, exactly my type.

She approached me after the presentation asking some technical questions. Normally I would have nerded out over this. But instead changed my thinking. She was just a person, pestering me about what I just said. I had other places to be.

I made my lack of spare time evident. She apologized and asked if we could pick up the convo in a more casual setting. Half annoyed, I told her I was out of town. She suggested a bar as a meet up spot.

Usually life's not so easy.

At the bar. I didn't dress up fancy, but she came in with pretty semi-formal attire. Idk why, it was a bar, but okay. I'll go with it. Resisted my urge to compliment her and started straightforward "You wanted to continue our conversation from earlier?"

So we talked about work. I took her answers not as if they were coming from a female, but from a male coworker. This helped relieve the passive feelings of nervousness. Answered things upfront, building value in myself whenever I could (i.e. questions about quality of lifestyle).

The convo switched to more personal matters, but I was pretty disinterested. Oh, you've been scorned in a past relationship? Unique. You had a boyfriend that did XY & Z? Great. I kept all my answers close to the vest. My ex's? Girls who saw their lives going a different way than I saw mine. Why am I single? Havent met someone worth dating.

After all the talking, and some decent drinking. I had enough and decided that it was time to head back. Spoke nothing of her coming with me, just placed an Uber pickup at the bar. Informed her that I would be leaving in 20 min. She did a playful "oh no invite?" I let her know that if she wanted to come, she was more than welcome too but I didn't have any intentions of inviting a stranger over.

She came over and spent the night.

That was the first one-night stand I had in a while.

Reflecting back on the experience, it was a lot of fun. I got to see life through an alternative viewpoint. It ended up getting me exactly what I wanted in that moment, casual sex.

But it's not for me. Being overly alpha, disregarding female motives wasn't comfortable. Even though I did nothing misogynistic or what I'd consider disrespectful, I don't think I can enjoy acting that way constantly. Not to say there is anything wrong with it. Life is a journey and there are many acceptable ways to find what you're looking for.

Thank you RPers for showing me a great night. I realized there's a lot about myself that I still need to work on. For those who embrace the RP methodology for interacting with women, I wish ye the best of luck. For others, good luck finding a strategy that works for you!

Have a great Tuesday guys.