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Never sacrifice a thing. Make her sacrifice for you.

April 6, 2015

Disney, popular culture, and modern feminism foster a viewpoint that having a woman in your life is a great reward. The modern story goes that a regular guy is supposed to pursue a fairly average girl, she probably rejects him a few times at first, but he keeps himself present in her life, is a great guy, does things for her, and demonstrates how much he can benefit her and how in love he is and willing to sacrifice for her, and she eventually agrees to be his girlfriend. The fact that she agreed to be a part of his life is his reward. He had to jump through hoops to earn it, and he needs to go out of his way and do everything he can to keep her happy so she stays with him, because having her in his life is his reward. A man should be grateful to have a girlfriend at all, because if you don’t have a girlfriend, you’re a loser.

A girlfriend’s not really required to do anything. You’re not supposed to make her buy you things, clean your apartment, cook your meals, or insist that she have sex with you. You’re not entitled to any of that just because she’s your girlfriend. She does those things if and when she wants to. Your reward is that she’s willing to be your girlfriend. Not any of those things you’d think a girlfriend might do for you. Just having her in your life is the reward. A woman spending time in your presence is the greatest thing ever. Forget that spending time in your presence usually involves giving you one-word responses to anything you ask while not looking up from her cell phone, because she’s too busy doing something on Facebook. That’s more than those losers who don’t have girlfriends at all are getting.

Meanwhile, to keep your girlfriend, you have to keep her happy, entertained, and feeling special. That’s a girlfriend’s biggest complaint by the way: he never makes me feel special. You have to plan and execute an entertaining date at least once a week, buy her gifts, be smart and funny and at the top of your game, complement her often, and if you successfully make it through enough of her hoops, she might let you hold her hand for a little bit, or even give you a goodnight kiss. Keep up this great behavior long enough and maybe, just maybe, you guys can take it to the next level and she’ll reward you with sex! But even if you never get there, it’s a great reward just to have a girlfriend at all. Guys who don’t have girlfriends are losers.

And that’s how the others would prefer the game is played. Jump through hoops, do what you’re supposed to do, be entertaining for girls, sacrifice left and right giving them whatever they want in a desperate attempt to make them happy, as the bare minimum just to get a woman to spend time with you. Forget sex. Just having a woman in your life is considered a great prize for which you must sacrifice heavily. A man should be lucky he had a woman agree to this! A woman who will put up with him? That’s a rare find! He’d better work hard to keep her happy.

We know how this story ends. A man who spends his life searching for a woman he can sacrifice for ends up getting his wish. He sacrifices everything and becomes an empty shell, all for the joy of having a woman grudgingly spend time with him, hoping that maybe, just maybe, if he sacrifices a little bit more and works a little bit harder, she might even let him touch her. Oh, sure, that guy is still screening women somewhat. He won’t date just anybody. But his perspective is that of the supplicant. He’s searching the world for a woman he wants to work for. A woman worthy of his hard work and sacrifice, so that he may give it to her, impress her with it, and maybe one day get to hold her hand.

That’s the true measure of love. How much you’re willing to sacrifice for someone. And men across the world leap at the chance to demonstrate their love for their women by sacrificing.

But wait…If the true measure of love is how much someone is willing to sacrifice for someone else, what’s up with all of these women who aren’t doing a damn thing, except spending time with their men? Surely, a woman’s love is measured differently then, right? We don’t ask a woman to sacrifice. It’s her willingness to accept a man’s sacrifice that demonstrates her love, right?

Wrong. Women show their love the same damn way. When a woman loves a man, she sacrifices for him. She does things for him. She buys him things. She begs to fuck him.

If your woman is not sacrificing for you, eagerly, in an attempt to please you, impress you, and keep you happy, guess who doesn’t love you?

The Red Pill is a shift in our perspective. Cast off the old system. The goal is not to find a woman worth sacrificing for. That’s the old you. The loser you. The goal is to find a woman who will sacrifice for you. And to do this, you become the kind of man women will want to sacrifice for. You’re not searching for the right woman. You’re searching for the right you.

If you build the right you, women will be bending over backward trying to please you, just for the pleasure of your time, and maybe, just maybe, you can reward the best few whose sacrifices please you the most with a good, hard fucking.

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