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Never show weakness. She is not on your side.

April 24, 2015

There’s a myth floating around the manosphere about the “good alpha.” A guy who’s hot, charming, successful, interesting, smart, funny, and most important of all, a great leader. Not a fake Red Pill alpha, but a real alpha. A guy who isn’t just out for himself, but a guy who genuinely cares about others, brings others up, and makes others feel good. A perfect-ten human.

These real alphas, who were most often born and raised that way and never needed a creepy internet cult like us to learn how to be men, are admirably human, and the complete opposite of everything we evil Red Pillers teach. They’re not aloof and indifferent – they’re engaging, compassionate, and concerned! They don’t stonewall and tease – they earnestly communicate! They’re not stoic and emotionless – they’re open and honest and their emotions captivate you and make you like them even more! And they’re not perfect – they’re human, but they own their flaws and mistakes and admit them readily, because that’s being a real man.

I’ve actually never met a man like this, but I hear about them all the time. Mostly from women. So many women think they’re dating awesome guys. Six months later, I’m usually told that these guys turn into assholes. Nobody ever seems to say, “I was wrong. I misjudged him. I was stupid and horny and just pretending to see what I wanted to see.” No, it’s always the guy who changed somehow, or who manipulated and tricked that poor girl. She wasn’t wrong, he was. But don’t worry, because she’s already met another guy who’s ten times better than the last one, and he’s a real man, per my paragraph above this one. I’m crossing my fingers for her.

Somehow, the myth of the good alpha has leaked into the manosphere from that flat planet at the center-of-the-universe where women live as all the stars rotate about them. Men, and boys slowly becoming men, right here among us, are advocating the path of righteousness. Being an upstanding mensch, a leader-among-men, a guy who’s honest and in touch with his feelings but still a man, a guy who owns his mistakes and admits his weaknesses, and a man who loves women earnestly and cares about them and isn’t afraid to take a risk on love as long as he has a few standards and isn’t just falling all over any girl who doesn’t slap him. A guy who’s goal is to be a perfect combination of attractive manly characteristics (e.g., alpha), and supportive comfort-building characteristics (e.g., beta), destined for marriage one day when he finds the right woman and can be everything she needs.

Here at The Red Pill, we’re already aware of that guy. We even have a name for him: blue pill.

Here’s the deal: Women are not your enemy. They are not the other team. They are not against you. They are not trying to exploit you or manipulate you. They’re just out for themselves, same as you. Sometimes, being out for themselves is going to run contrary to what you want for yourself. Sometimes, your goals will align, at least a little bit, and it almost feels like you have a teammate. But you don’t. Because you want what you want and she wants what she wants. And if one of you sacrifices what you want that’s not going to make the other person necessarily do the same.

While women aren’t your enemy, they’re definitely not on your side either. They’re not your friends, they’re not your confidants, they’re not your safe havens, they’re not your respite. Not even your wife or girlfriend. She’s not on your side either.

Do you know why women watch Jerry Springer, reality TV, Judge Judy, and whatever the fuck else is out there airing the dregs of humanity, while reading tabloids explaining in graphic detail how celebrities and the royal family are every bit as fucked up and human as we are? Because people like seeing weakness in others. It makes them feel better about themselves without having to make any effort to actually be better.

When your woman is feeling low, she’ll try to access your “human” side, whether that’s trying to make you angry, trying to make you sad, trying to make you horny, trying to make you apologize or admit something – she wants you to reveal a chink in your armor, because she feels bad about herself and needs you to look more human so she knows she’s still good enough for you. That chink in your armor means she still has some control over you.

It’s a difficult and misleading situation, because she likes to feel that way. It makes her feel good, even happy for a bit. And you care about her, so you want her to feel good and happy for a bit. And you want to open up a little bit for her and let your guard down a bit, because it feels good to be accepted and validated.

But The Red Pill figured out something that you don’t want to accept--The hardest part of this whole thing for you to swallow: Affection is not the same thing as attraction. Women don’t want to fuck weak men, even if they like them. They say they do – hell, just look around Reddit. Reddit is apparently the single largest bastion of special snowflakes in the world. If you take women at their word, Reddit’s chock-full of women with exceptionally high libidos who soak through their panties every five minutes thinking about their skinny, laid back, underachieving, nerdy, overemotional boyfriends that can barely keep up with them sexually.

I’ve never met a woman like this, but I hear about them all the time. Mostly from women. Scroll up to the third paragraph of this post to see what I might think about that.

If you want a friend, make a friend. A guy friend. But if you want a girlfriend who’s eager to please you and wants to fuck your brains out, don’t treat her like a friend, or that’s all she’ll be.

If you want to communicate about real issues, discuss ideas, discuss improving yourself, and talk about how you feel, find a guy friend that you admire and want to learn from.

If you need to cry, lock the door. If you’re injured, disabled, have cancer or a mental illness – that’s between you and your doctor. Hell, join a support group and meet guys.

But when you’re sitting next to a woman you care about, never show weakness. It’s a trap. You’ll make her like you, but you’ll make her fuck me.

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