A frequent advice around here is to never stop approaching, and for why that is I highly recommend reading a recent post titled: The Critical Importance of Approaching Attractive Women in Real Life by CrackityDiggity

What I'd like to talk about is why you shouldn't feel wrong about approaching women when you're in a LTR. I'm sure someone already said all I want to say better, but here it is.

So, you're in a LTR with your cute, young HB8. Everything is going great, and you have no desire to mess around with other women. So why approach? It's often such a hassle. You can just relax, sip your beer, talk to your friends the whole night and occasionally glance at HBs that pass by.

But your GF was also out that night with her friends. She likes you and also thinks your relationship is good. So, she and her friends just sit there the whole night, sipping their coctails that they paid for themselves and eventually head back home. Right? Guess again.

She was approached. Maybe only one guy, maybe 10 of them during course of night. So, a good looking guy (not really a Chad, but a decent enough guy) comes up and she immediatelly tells him: "Sorry, not interested, I have a boyfriend." Right? No, of course not. Why would she. A little bit of talking never hurt anyone. He'll buy her a drink, she'll be all smiles because this guy actually is fun. Maybe a little dance. Then finally our good looking friend will go for a kiss. That's when he'll find out about the boyfriend.

You are one lucky guy, your girlfriend is faithful and wants only you. Right?

Do you see my point here? A girl just has to dress up and go to the nearest club with her friends and she will get a lot more interaction than you will. You have to put some effort into it to even come close. So why should you feel bad. Be a good wingman to your single buddy. While he's bending over backwards to get with a HB, you entertain her friend. Just have fun. Your girl is doing the same.