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New levels of hypocrisy and double standards in TwoX

January 31, 2016

I'm used to this shit on female/beta focused subs, but two posts today really caught my attention while browsing the default subs:

"My husband says that he can have sex with me or touch me any way he likes because I am his wife."

  • Summary: Apparently non-Western woman is married to a man who has sex with her whenever he pleases, even when she protests or says no. Commenters say to divorce him, go to the police, etc. If she is to be believed, seems like a clear case of marital rape though it's not clear what the cultural context is.

My husband refuses to have sex

  • Summary: The exact opposite scenario. Man is on antidepressants (which reduce libido) and refuses to have sex with his wife. Says her desire for sex is unnatural and dirty (sound familiar)? Commenters tell her to see a doctor to get his meds changed, go to a therapist, divorce him (people even talked about HUSBANDLY duties! irony is completely lost on these ingrates), and even CHEAT on him! Nobody considers the possibility that she is unattractive.

Not to excuse the crime of rape, but why is there no discussion of wifely duties, especially the duty to have sex with your husband? It's clear people consider it a 'husbandly' duty to have sex with your wife. What would the reaction be if the wife slipped the husband viagra and forced herself on him?

Lessons Learned: It's always the man's fault.

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