Summary: I made this post because a lot of us come from less than ideal circumstances growing up and talk about how society could give less of a shit. The post is not too optimistic as it is about one of the coldest and hardest truths about life I have learned.

Now for the post!

Life is practically a lottery and the truth is, most people who succeed in the eyes of society and rise usually have luck and circumstances fall in their favor. Things like talent, genetics, work ethic, and other things do matter and are practically necessary but they aren't enough. I know I am coming off as somewhat of a cynic saying this but we all know that life is unfair like that. One kid can be raised in a nice safe suburban home with good parents while the other is raised in the slums fearing for his life and only a single parent household. Genetics, work ethic, and all that aside the kid who is the former has a way better shot at succeeding in life.

My example is more extreme but the truth is, a lot of us in here come from some sort of unfavorable circumstances that didn't work out for us. The circumstances might have undoubtedly impacted our personalities, worldview, how women treated us, and our social life but here is the unfortunate truth. When you tell people about it, nobody really gives a fuck at all. Even the "Chads" you guys around here worship likely ended up in their situation due to circumstances, family, upbringing, and even location. If Chad's family did not let him play sports growing up and if he had overbearing parents, he would not have ended up being Chad.

"But I had bad parents!" "But I grew up poor!" "But grew up in a single parent household"

Nobody cares, they call those "excuses". On the other hand, the guy who had the best circumstances growing up and still succeeded, well it must be his genetics! His work ethic! His drive as society sees it! /s

Nobody wants to hear your life story, they don't care if they had a rough past because the only thing that matters is the end product!

I know at times we want to share our rough past with people and a lot of us have had unfavorable circumstances in our lives that put in situations that led us here, but nobody gives a shit. Nobody cares if you had abusive parents that crushed your self-esteem, grew up in poverty, or had to constantly move around not having a stable childhood. The people you run into, friends, and so on, they don't give a fuck. All of the talk of your rough childhood and unfavorable circumstances fall on deaf ears, nobody has the time for it. The next time you see some guy walking with poor posture, down on his luck, and rarely a smile on his face, think about all the crap he might have had to go through, because most people won't, they will just look at him and laugh. Stuff like this is why I turned to the red pill and agreed with a lot of what it had to say, because it shows men in the end it is the results that count!

Fortunately you found this place which IMO is a guidebook to life.

Handling women, dealing with people, and knowing how the social climate of our society is like right now. You have the computer, internet connection, and the privilege of reading red pill material which has a wealth of information. Nobody wants to give you advice in real life and the red pill reveals that people are generally only out for their self-interest, well now you have another source in this sub. Now that you know how self-centered majority of all people can be and how little your life story (no matter how sad) matters, you can make the change.

Finding the red pill is great for people who did not have the idea life growing up but can make up for it and be a somebody. You do have some good luck rolling in your favor but that is only the first step.

You have to take action because results are all that matter!

"Rough circumstances? Bad parents? Poverty? Great whatever, be a somebody so I care!"

That is society speaking!

"Good parents? Great circumstances? Great luck growing up? Became successful in life? Look at you! You have the right genetics, work ethic, and drive to succeed in life, you are the man!"

That is society speaking!

Lessons learned:

Nobody wants to hear your sad life story, people only care about results.