Not Having Women in Your Life May Make You Unhappy, but a Woman Will Never Bring You True Happiness.

January 9, 2017

Although what likely initially prompted you to come to a place such as this one--what with its reputation and all--was the fact that you were deeply unhappy with your romantic life, I want to caution you about treating your emotional wounds with the therapy of pussy. It's very, very easy to allow your new-found ability to attract and retain women to become a crutch upon which your happiness leans. This is easier than you might think; after all, the reason that you came here was because you were unhappy with your relationship with women, and now that you know how to fix that you'll be happy, right? No

One thing you will learn here is how little value and weight a woman's attention holds. Despite what the media and the rest of the Blue Pill will tell you, there is absolutely nothing special about a woman's love or affection. It's not some grand prize at the end of your road, nor a treasure awarded to you when you complete your quest. In fact, a woman's attention is such a fatuous thing that even socially retarded PUAs were able to figure out how to manipulate it to their own ends. If a gaggle of feather-boa-wearing stains like that can bend it to their own ends, how valuable can it really be?

The biggest flaws surrounding a woman's attention are, conversely, the aspects that keep men chasing it: it can burn red hot, and it is fleeting. When a woman is truly "in love", she will do things that would amaze you. I've witnessed girls debase themselves for me, and risk everything they had simply because they thought they loved me. However, because of hypergamy, and just the plain wear of time, a woman's attention is a fragile thing. You just never know what will set her emotional ride in the opposite direction. We try to provide contigencies--be alpha, DGAF, keep a constant level of dread--but the truth is these are plugs in a cracking dam wall. Eventually, the wall will break and she'll swing on to the next branch. You're not the first she's loved, and you won't be the last.

Given all that, the error in basing any form of emotional state in how a woman feels about you becomes starkly clear. It's just too damn unreliable to allow your happiness to be dictated by the terms of her presence in your life.

This is especially difficult for men who are just now starting to have success with women in their lives. It's a slippery slope, too. That gladness you get after your first lay can quickly spiral into a desperation for the high of sleeping with more and more girls. For most, this disappears( One common trait amongst players is their lack of attachment to anyone girl;the lays start to blur, as do the girls.) However, I've witnessed something incredibly common amongst guys who didn't have success with women until later on: there is a tendency to lapse back into the old BP ways. It's not hard to see how this might happen--If a man puts an incredible amount of effort into the accomplishment of a goal, it is only natural that he be attached to the outcome. Even with our stoicism and detachment form the outcome, there is still a certain amount of investment in the things we do, and what we hold dear. This applies doubly so to men who are still new in their RP journey.

So what do you do to free yourself from the trap of making women your center? Simple: find a center that's actually worth a damn. Dedicate yourself to your mission and your life's purpose. Center yourself around things that will actually last and give you fulfillment. Because if there is one thing I can guarantee you, it's that pussy and blowjobs are the emptiest fulfillment ever.

It is your imperative to find a mission that represents who you are as a man. Something that you can look back on and know was worth all the effort and sacrifice. Because that thing is not women. That thing is you. Your self-improvement and dedication to being a step higher everyday on the stairway to heaven.(The staircase doesn't end, by the way, which often prompts many to believe that there's no point in even beginning the climb. But there is. Better to know there is nothing at the top after having climbed as far as you can.)

So if you find that you're unhappy because there is a vacuum of women in your life--and many do--ask yourself if that empty space will ever be filled with wet holes. Or maybe, that emptiness is a calling to find something more substantial in your life.

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