Novel - dodged oneitis bullet on a Carousel Rider (2013)

May 25, 2018

Hi Guys, this is a story of a girl I met years ago. By girl I mean ex CC rider Alpha Widow. We're not together anymore but I still think of her because she was damn hot. The purpose of this post is: to vent, to write a story about how a normal girl coming to a big city jumped on the CC, to show that AWALT but some girls are more LT than others.


Throwback to December 2012, I was (30yo back then) living in Singapore. At a street party, a Japanese plate introduced me to a gorgeous tall Spanish girl (2yo back then) with green eyes. We chatted for a while and got along well, I added her on FB, we work nearby, I meet her for lunch, very nice. Then I invited her for a date at a jazz concert given by a friend (I always brought girls there, high success rate with social proof). Nothing happened, lowest IOI ever. I met her at another party with a best friend + his sister, got lots of social proof, still zero interest form her but the friend invited her to his end of year party. End of year party, we danced together all night, I tried to kiss her, she said no. 2 days later, I' supposed to relocate to Hong Kong (Jan 2013). The next day I go see her at her place so I can keep some voluminous stuff at her place and get it later (guitar, longboard, box), we talk more and at some point she asks me how many girlfriends I've had since I'm here to which I say 1 (which is true: since 2010: 1 LTR, 5 plates, 2 ONS) and I ask about her, she says 3.

First week in Hong Kong, I call her on the phone, felt she was very happy to hear me. We started chatting a lot, I suggested she visits me for a weekend, she said OK. We chat everyday, I can't remember of what.

Mid Jan, after I come back from a week training in Dubai, she comes. I go to pick her up at the airport. As soon as she comes, I kiss her. She's happy to see me "didn't remember you're that tall" (I'm 6'1). We go drop her stuff to my place, then go out for walk/drinks/dinner. We come back home, go to bed, I take a shower she says "I won't bel sleeping when you come back". We have vanilla sex. Two things I notice, she doesn't let me go down on her, "I don't like it", then she immediately lays down on her belly for me to take her from behind because this is how she orgasms the most easily.

Next day, sightseeing. Nice day. I'm very happy. Evening, we are supposed to meet a friend of her who also lives here. On the way there, we joke about last time being black out drunk. "I was in the club, saw a cute guy and jumped on his neck, all of my friends were calling me a koala, lololol". My next question: "did you spend the night with him? - well unfortunately, yes". First red flag. My hamster tells me "OK why not, all girls have 1 ONS in their life". No big deal. If it was only this.

Basically from here onwards, we entered a long distance relationship where we would meet once or twice a month (SG and HK are not that far from each other) and chat/skype all the time. I think she could easily find a job in HK.
From there on, the relationship was established. We would talk a lot, conversations would often become sexual. She was very intested in my past and I would reciprocate the questions, she would happily empty her bag. I started feeling that I was dating a repented sloot...
She had a bf in Spain when she came. After few months she broke up with him. Dated a German guy who was studying here, broke up when the guy left. Then dated an older Spanish guy and got very serious with him. 2010 = nothing special, N-count =2.

Things get serious. The Spanish guy suddently broke up with her. She was devastated, "men are all pigs" and started behaving like a dude. At some party this guy left with another girl. She got mad. From there, she hooked up with a German guy who became a FWB. Then had 4 or 5 ONS while seeing him (she followed one guy to his hotel who had amrs as big as her head, she had a ONS on a Friday with one guy and an ONS on the Saturday with another guy). She self described it as a period when she slept with anyone. Then met a Surfer at a BBQ and became his plate. She slept with 1 guy from her Spanish group of friends. She slept with her old crush when she came back to Spain for holidays. She met a Banker and became her plate too. Then met a French guy who fell in love with her. N-count for 2011 = 10.

She calmed down. She entered an open relationship with the French guy. Which means she told him they were not a couple and he was free to see other girls. While she was still plating the Surfer and the Banker. She would have sex with the 3 in the same week, sometimes the same weekend, sometimes the same day... The French guy left the country, she realised he was a good guy and wanted to follow him, he said no. She kept on seeing the Surfer and the Banker for a while but the Banker lost interest. She hooked up with another French guy who lived in the same building as her, she was really into him but he ghosted her. She had the famous koala hookup in Sept. Hooked up again with the Geman guy from 2011. Had a crush on another older Spanish Entrepreneur, they only got a chance to kiss because he was travelling all the time but she was planning on hooking up with him. Basically the night I met her at the street party, she had spent the afternoon with the Surfer, bumped into the German after leaving, had a breakfast date with the Entrepreneur. N-count for 2012 = 2 or 3.
I pass the stories where she almost hooked up but didn't. She wanted to hookup with a ripped Balinese guy (search Kuta Cowboys) but her friend didn't want. She walked back home with a new friend who was neighbour, considered inviting him in, then decided not to because it's not a good thing to do when you enter a new group of friends. This friend whom I met on that night out, he's a mega playboy: he god drunk and spent the evening flirting with her. When we shared a taxi home, he texted her for "a last drink" but she didn't go because he had told her before that he has a girlfriend (and she had her periods, if these 2 conditions were not here she for sure would have hooked up with him).
Also the denial, convinced that all guys in Asia hookup with 3 girls a week, it's normal, if a guy doesn't fuck it's because he doesn't want to, so it's normal that girls do it too. "How many guys have you been with? - no more than you". She finished some conversations with "I sounds like I slept with half of Singapore but it's not true". Yes it does sound like that...
Here I come. The nice guy. All men are pigs then I'm cool. She didn't want to hookup with me, she didn't want to be just another girl. She ditched the Surfer and the Entrepreneur. She's all into me. She wants it to work and will do anything. But everytime we have these conversations, I learn more about her, I play super casual 1st for her to confess and 2nd because when you have these conversations at night it's actually quite exciting... but the next day I tell to myself "what a s**t! shit I'm dating an ex s**t!". So my interest decreases. But I convince myself: she is great, fun, gorgeous, adventurous, she is litterally willing to jump out of a train with me and sleep on the train station bench (a trip we did in Sri Lanka), so I do what every BP does: tell myself "the past is the past" and keep it this way. For a while.
But there's something else: I'm a sneaky bastard. When I visit her and she goes to work/whatever and I'm at her place, she doesn't lock her laptop --> I snoop. Also I saw her typing her password and now know it, I mega snoop.
Oh god. Telling her friend all her sexcapades, bragging about it with guy friends in spain (that's howI know so much detail). Oh God, who am I with?
Also, she was totally not attracted by me when we met, she called me a Troll to her best friend. Fair enough, I don't exactly have an angel face, I was born in hard mode: no Alpha square jaw symetric face, I have poor eyes and acne scars. It's OK I'm tall and muscular. I take pride on seducing girls while considering myself non-attractive so no hard feeling about that. She didn't like me at first, later on would always tell me I'm hot and handsome. Whatever.

The Surfer and the Entrepreneur are still messaging her. The Surfer pretends to be jealous and wants to see her again. She says it's not possible because she is with me now. He insists. She accepts. She goes to see him at his place on a Sunday evening. I learned it. OK, snooping more later I now believe at 90% that she did nothing, because she told her best friend and her cousin that she did nothing, they talked about me and watched a movie. It would be the first time she lies to them and she confessed worst shit to them before... still, I was convinced at this moment that they had banged.
I confronted her, first indirectly, because I'm a sneaky manipulator:
- what's up with the Entrepreneur? oh, he's doing this and that and this and that blablabla. - what's up with the Surfer? oh... nothing... (becomes pale) ... have you seen him recently? no ...
Later during the weekend: OK I know you've seen the Surfer. My friend say you walking [where he lives in a remote location and basically she would have zero reason to go there if it wasn't to see him]. She confessed she went to see him and swore she did nothing. I openly didn't believe her. She knew she fucked up big time and tried everything: guilt, pity, indifference, ...
We kept seeing each other but it was never the same, she knew she had lost my trust, he final attempt was to ask me "are you happy with me?"
I looked at her in the eyes and say "you are the most promiscuous girl I've ever met". And I did something else, I told her that I had snooped and knew everything: all the sex she had, how she spoke with her friends. My rationale for confessing this was that I wanted to breakup so gave her ammunition to hate me. It totally worked. I was the bastard who snooped.
She still tried, said things like "that was before I met you, I'm not like that anymore, I came back to my values of 2010 (she really said that)". I couldn't take it. I still went for the trips which were scheduled.
Then she gave up and tried the boomerang on me. She dumped me, saying "I can't be with someone who isn't happy with me". She was clearly expecting me to come back to her crawling and apologising. It never happened. I was free again, single in Hong Kong and it was the beginning of the summer! I told myself I also want to score 10 girls in a year and... didn't succeed, only 7.
From what I know/snooped, 2014: she made up with a hot 19 years old guy in a club, then thought of me and thought "no way I'm having a ONS with him". She received an old Italian couchsufer for the weekend and hooked up on the second night. An old orbiter she was always chatting with and trying to flirt with her but she had cut him down because I was with me came for the weekend and they slept together.
Finally she met a creepy beta guy who was living with his gf, they hooked up a few times, he finally broke up with his gf and now they are still together and live together as of 2018. Looks like Beta Bux turned a hoe into his housewife.
In 2014 I sarted dating a cute virgin Asian girl who was 24yo, I'm still with her too. I wasn't looking for it, but being her one and only makes me feel special and everytime I consider breaking up and moving on, I feel like I will miss her and will loose something. It's the first time I feel that way for a girl. Even when I'm bored with her or she pisses me off, even when I'm attracted by other girls.
The conclusion is that: I really liked the Spanish girl, when I met her I thought she was the one. It was hard for me to learn she was an Alpha Widow. I really considered staying with her. I wish I met her when she arrived in 2010 and before she jumped on the CC. I still think of her sometimes, but when I think about her past I think "berk, no". To be honest, my gf is hot, but she was hotter.
OK I'm done with my free psychotherapy on Reddit. If you read that long, thank you. I'm happy to discuss. ALL my friends tried to shame me when I broke up with her: typical "the past is the past", "it's normal for a girl to have fun", "good luck with finding a virgin lol (too bad I did)". These guys for reference are super BP btw. I took none of this shit and maintained my decision. Sometimes I was disgusted of her, as hot as she was, I would need to consciously tell myself "don't think about that" when I though of her banging 2 or 3 guys in a weekend.
Strange thing is that I'm convinced she was genuinely into me and didn't cheat and wouldn't cheat. That wasn't my issue. My issue is that I don't want such a girl to be my one and only, to have and educate my future children, I'm grossed out from so much casual sex from a girl. 14 guys in 3 years doesn't seem so much on the paper, but given the circumstances... in the same 3 years, my n-count was 9 (I was in a LTF for 2 years).
TL;DR: Hot girl comes to Asia and jumps on the CC until she meets me, tried to secure me but I couldn't take it. Damn she was hot.

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Installing the keylogger into my laptop and seeing all the shit they do really opened my eyes to AWALT. There are certain boundaries which I keep in order to protect myself. One of which is- No contact with exes. Each and every girl I have been in relationship with broke this rule. One of the girls contacted her ex an hour after we established the rule. When confronted with this each and everyone lied. Dumped everyone of them without any explanation. When asked why I dumped, I would only say " You know what you did". A woman would behave like a slut but would do everything in their hand to not be labelled one.

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Thanks for sharing - the details provide a lot of insight. BTW, I am sure that she would eventually cheat on you or anyone. This one is damaged beyond repair.

Just curious, you are saying she is an Alpha Widow. To the CC, or one guy in particular? I don't see who was her one Alpha, just more the general CC.

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Hi, thanks for reading, I appreciate.

There was lots of insights for me with this girl and I am still fascinated when I compare with what I learn from The Red Pill etc. It's a perfect case study.

Alpha widow from:

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Typical Alphas, ripped bodies, hot and confident, who would have abundance and just play with her. She thought she had something with the Surfer and the Banker, she told her friends she was addicted to them and couldn't resist, but they nexted her big time on a snap of the finger.

I knew that we broke up the Surfer tried to meet her, she said "OK but as friends, no sex" to which he replied "sorry I'm not in town at the moment" and they never talked again!

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