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On cats and dogs... A girl's tension, is a wimp's stress

July 17, 2022

I was thinking on what was the most important concept(outside the book of pook) that I'd like new guys to understand. I found the topic of tension and stress anxiety to be the biggest difference for me, I thought of 2 moments I could contrast, between when I just started out (as a red piller) and when I think I reached some other level of understanding. Same tension, stress - but that generated 2 different states anxiety vs confidence, and obviously 2 different outcomes.

Both situations were similar - the only difference was in how I dealt with tension/stress. You have nothing to learn from the first story. You can skip it - TLDR, too much of a pussy to score. I will add a lot of nuggests of game in the second, since the woman was quite a hard ice queen at first, although the close was serendipity - I think it shows how to deal with shame and insecurity when under pressure.

If you want TLDRs, you're not gonna find them, just block /u/zino193, I'm not gonna change, I just have fun with this stream of consciousness style.

  1. I was supposed to have a date with this hometown girl. I wasn't inexperienced - hell I got hometown girl to go out with me without talking more than 30 seconds, I was just tense I told myself. I smoked a lot of green, to get myself out of my head. (college freshman zino wasn't the smartest tool in the shed, what can I say - I had a lot of things to drown out in smoke)

While enjoying my buzz from the 3rd j of the afternoon, I read on a PUA thread |Girls are just as nervous as guys, reassure the womanfolk before a date| I was thinking - "Was she stressed out like me?"

I decided to tease her and send a message, maybe some reassurance - clear the tension - she must be nervous too I thought. Her response was a deflect. Saying we should cancel, her out of town friend is coming over and she wants to chill with her. I was an aspiring PUA - i jiujitsu-ed myself into having the date anyway, while seeding, we go back to hers and have a token a trois lesson... hoping for that magical threesome with college girls. She picked up what I was laying down and got excited. Her friend was my obsession at the time, and I'd drop any plate for a chance at a tiny blonde high energy rave girl spinner. But a though broke free - what if they start laughing at my cock, or my experience, what if one gets bored or jealous.

Date was miserable, with the added pressure of keeping her buying temperature up and the inexperience of what I could even do with 2 girls one of which I was irradicably attracted to - I was a zombie, she ran into the most highschool girl of topics and moodkilling stories about depression and relationships. I was too in my head to close, too nervous to come up with good topics, too stressed to call her out on her as a mood assassin.

I will spare you the continuous facepalming that usually comes after finding out the girl's side to any wimp's horror date story, just as a conclusion: A sociopathic dealer friend banged them both not long after - guess he wasn't stressed. She was genuinely interested in me, and her spinner friend thought I was cool as well, despite thinking I was trying to hard to be a smartarse.

  1. Last year I had this 45 y/o fake tit, 4 out of 10, man eater that got a thing for seeing me monkey fuck younger girls(get your mind our of the gutter of the chans, I mean early 20s younger, you sick bastard) after I had fucked one of her age appropriate friends. By the end of that week, she hooked me up with 2 girls from the neighborhood that were down to experimenting with this hard arse oversexed mistress and her boy toy.

Shit went sideways fast as soon as I dropped my pants and they saw my grower, not a shower. The younger of the 2 complained about the size. Now - this was young me's worse insecurity. God or Xenu gave me a lot in life, but a visually impressive Johnson he did not, it's at most a Johnny when in full rage mode. However this was a mature, dare I say it deeply crimson Zino. I just scoffed - "Well you're shit out of luck, you ain't getting any other dick in the next half hour now get on your knees." She did, I had a lovely time. They didn't, sucks for them, they could do worse.

Word about my dick size didn't seem to spread, but word about me being with 2 neighborhood tramps did - which leads to the heroine of this story and my second red pill revelation. The very next day I approached this hot as fuck girl in the neighborhood bistro/bar that was at the ground floor of my apartment building. She was sitting casually with some friends but seemed uninterested in their chatter. As I introduced myself, she did not give me anything back, just the glare: why are you talking to me. But she didn't turn back to her friends, I tough she was in the bag. I leaned back and expected her to roll in. She didn't. But she didn't turn to her friends, she just glared.

Her fake tits were distracting, I wasn't on my game - she could tell, and pressed one with her gaze confidently - I hated cocky cock teases. Her meaty lips convinced me however, I should try another go at hooking her. I said - "I don't do usually do this - but...(you are gorgeous and I could not pass on the chance to figure you out)" she cut me off, before I finished and layed the classic boyfriend trope (he wasn't, they were just hooking up).

Unfazed I asked about her boyfriend with the classy disclaimer that I just want her body and I am happy her soul belongs to another - followed with a cheeky grin allowing her to take it however she wanted. This broke her, like it does to many hot women that are spoiled with attention and fake friendships.

She complimented me on my honesty, and said she isn't interested. Predictable - I thought, but at least the seed was there, and the ice broken. In came the "I'm not a skank" disclaimer, but she was looking at me, like a woman looks at a man, her body completely turned to me, her friends forgotten. I could now lean back...and have a fun time. But then she pulled the "...like those other 2 you had the other night."

I was sweating bullets, the blond girl's cock comments echoing in my head. Just as I was ready to throw the set into self-deprecating comedy mode and have my self a laugh with this gorgeous girl... in came the open from the heavens, while I was bracing for a dick joke: " I just want to know ... <He SHOOTS, HE SCORES! HE IS IN LADIES AND GENTLE BROS! - was resonating in my head, while I tried to keep myself from smiling with the strength of Hercules >

She continued "- how you convinced <45 year old lady, 4 our of 10> to get girls for you?". I just shrugged like I was from PIMP planet and she was asking how I breathe. I didn't even have to lean back anymore, my mojo left the conversation, and was already opening my apartment door for her. Without an ounce of pride or effort I told her: "I guess I must be more interesting in person than here in public. I shrugged. Wanna hang out at my place until your boyfriend shows up. (he was 20 minutes away, my apartment was in the same building)"

She was blushing red and paying her bill within 30 seconds. Then she sucked my dick for 2 hours. Around the end of the first hour after she postponed the other guy twice, I met her eyes and noticed all her ego was drained out of them, she was just enjoying me as I was her. I caressed her hair and smiled, she smiled back with a dick in her mouth and intensified her work. 5 minutes later she cancelled on the guy and we enjoyed the rest of our time toghether.

These are 2 of my most red pill "swallows"? moments? Whatever.

The day that my date crashed was the moment I hated my life as a man for being unfair the most. I tried PUA for a while, and got some success, I felt like it was finally my time. Like I deserved to crush it, to get that MFF on my belt. When all that entitlement came down, I hated them, I hated the game, I hated everything but myself. I hated having to be under so much pressure to make it work, while girls just take it in. Win or lose, they still got fucked by some dude. Might not be the best, might not be the worst, still got something out of it. Girls had it easy, while for guys, is was like the longest escort mission on a broken buggy game - you can be 99% there, and there's a bug in the car that makes it blow up right at the end. That's how getting women felt for most of my life. Like a broken system that makes no sense, and there's no way to engineer a win. I wasn't capable of doing it. I wasn't made for that. I wasn't worth it. But I was wrong. Lucky I didn't stop.

The moment my eyes met the blue eyed bimbo and saw them relax and saw her get into sucking my cock after meeting her less than 2 hours ago, most of which we were not talking - I realized how wrong I was, women love men. All women. Those two cock teases in college, the 2 cock teases that made me a sandwich the day earlier and the blue eyed stunner that was kneeling in front of me.

In that moment, I saw she loved me, but why? I didn't do anything. My dick ain't special, but at that moment, I could see there was no other dick she wanted. All that she wanted, needed that day was to spend time with a man that allowed her to play the game with her.

She didn't need grand gestures, jokes or even orgasms(her friend was a masseuse). She just wanted a man looking down at her while she was sucking some dick, to tell her she was pretty. She felt loved, without promises or grand gestures. She felt like a woman, just because she was confident she had a man in front of her. A man that persevered, but played it cool, a pimp, a secret agent, a perv with a big cock? Who knew, she certainly didn't, but that was the exciting part, she had to know... what type of man I was, however in asking that, she had convinced herself that I am a man - and she wanted to see it for her self - and so the testing began. What type of man was I? A man that let her test her steely eyes but did not flinch. A man she could push off balance with her generous cleavage, but kept his space. A man that saw through her bullshit about having a boyfriend, her power games with her 2 friends that she ignored for 20 minutes while talking to a strange gentleman or her "I'm not that type of girl" pretenses and the slutty curiosity that lay beneath them.

10 years, same guy. One hoping to find love so desperately, freezing and buckling under the pressure of all that he needs to do to get it. The other a tramp that enjoys the small moments of joy that women give in return for a childish game of cat and mouse they insist on playing. A man that knows that all the BS, all the tension, all the pressure is just meant to lube up a woman's brain before letting you have your way with it and giving you herself completely - even if just for a few moments.

That single moment, of finding out all women want is to love you, to love a man, and all you have to do is show up as a man - has been more freeing than the damn pandemic. You don't need to try, you don't need to fight, you don't need to dominate. You don't need to resist the pressure, just glide through it like you done it a thousand times. Because it's nothing personal, it has nothing to do with you. It's just what women need to do to get your man card validated and her juices flowing. All the BS is for you, is to give you access to that warm kind female love, you've been wondering if you are worthy of, for most of your life.

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[–]strikethrough123 33 points34 points  (1 child) | Copy Link

Sucked your dick for 2 hours? Sure bud

[–]Satcitananda90 21 points22 points  (1 child) | Copy Link

The point of this post? I do not understand.

[–]1zino193[S] -1 points0 points  (0 children) | Copy Link

to get the anal temperature of skizzos around trp subreddit that need their stable, predictable, daily content drip of sameness curated and polished by digital marketers

[–]videogames_ 4 points5 points  (1 child) | Copy Link

She continued "- how you convinced <45 year old lady, 4 our of 10> to get girls for you?"

tl;dr this is the moment she knew you were high enough value to be a boy toy.

I failed many times when I was anxious or stressed trying to figure out the seduction process. All you have to do is use social proof to your advantage like OPs post. Social proof helps ease tension around you but you can also keep sexual tension for the hookup. I had a tinder match with a 21 year old an hour away and she said she wanted fun. So I invited her to my friends house where we planned a house party with 4-5 people. We drank and that got her horny enough and then we walked to my place 15 minutes away. I had a little bit of tension and stress in the beginning but the alcohol and my friends calmed me to make it really easy to lead to sex. It probably did the same for her.

[–]1zino193[S] 0 points1 point  (0 children) | Copy Link

If you look at the transcript, you will see what I see as the hook point. It was right before that sentence you quoted. When the woman clearly gave you a definitive indicator of disinterest but then gave you a clear and very personal verbal escalation that implied interest: "I just wanna know...". That paradox signals inner struggle and conflict. IF there wasn't strong attraction there would be no conflict. A girl that just likes you can set like a wallflower until the walls turn yellow and the paint chips.

I think the outrageous TL;DR of that piece of gossip just intrigued her enough, to put her prejudice to the side, after seeing that I am not dangerous, or ashamed - she gave me a few more minutes. When we were alone, I pushed her against the wall jokingly, and that made her brain just go to default: "Oh, ok - so I guess I am here to serve not to be wooed or bullshitted" after checking with her gash's humidity level, she was in.

The old lady was a 4(hard life, and hard sun made her barely a GILF), the 2 broads were a bad 6 on her best day and the other was your typical 7 club thot. While this girl was a natural 10 with enhancements. There is no reason why she would fuck with me just based on me dipping my stick in easy lays, quite the opposite - she was very concerned about health issues - hence why no fucky fucky, and just a long loving blowie blowie.

I had a tinder match with a 21 year old an hour away and she said she wanted fun. So I invited her to my friends house where we planned a house party with 4-5 people

Damn son, that sounds eerily familiar to what I did with college age girl in story 1. But it wasn't tinder, she was a summer fling of my cousin, and his BFF, not at the same time, but still. Yes, college age zino was not smart.

[–]NeverLace 1 point2 points  (1 child) | Copy Link

I have no problem with the format.

[–]sussykeke 1 point2 points  (3 children) | Copy Link

Good post, dunno why everyone is complaining. The whole point of shit tests is to filter for this exact IDGAF behavior in a man

[–]1zino193[S] 3 points4 points  (2 children) | Copy Link

I would argue I don't have an IDGAF attitude, quite the opposite since that afternoon.

I care much more now than pre-pandemic when I was all dread and stoic and shit, I care a lot now - I just don't don't care about keeping it PG and safe. About keeping up with the game. Leading and being James bond level smooth.

I just came home from picking up some dry cleaning. A perky nipple under a t-shirt just jumped in my field of view, i looked up to see the face of the owner, I smiled, she judged and smiled back then I introduced myself.

Old red pill PUA me, would have called it abandoned ship, failure to launch the second he was caught eyeing the goods. Because I had it in my head - that she needed to be on the fence whether or not I liked her.

Now I see it as foreplay to the cold approach. It sets the temperature. I know she knows I want her, so I automatically introduce myself in a low effort way, assuming that she knows I know she knows I want her. I promise it's not as complicate as it sounds :D

[–]sussykeke 0 points1 point  (1 child) | Copy Link

Your past PUA self had it wrong then - you could argue that it falls into the "show intent" part of the interaction

[–]1zino193[S] 0 points1 point  (0 children) | Copy Link

Maybe - I did learn it in the old days before Mystery and his attraction comfort model.

I was showing intent, just not with "pussy beggar" signals. Staring a a chicks cleavage, or down her legs, especially when she is showing them off- was a big no-no - because she is trying to establish that she is the one that is desirable and put you in a courting frame.

[–]PmMeYourMug 1 point2 points  (0 children) | Copy Link

Tldr: Dude with small dick rants about the glory days when he was a degenerate man-whore.

[–]Lucky-Mustard 1 point2 points  (1 child) | Copy Link

U know a post is good when i read it at least twice. As a guy with medium dick size and self est. problems , thank you sir. I guess i need to keep trying.

[–]1zino193[S] 0 points1 point  (0 children) | Copy Link

I would say don't try. Focus on what I said. Women do men, to experience men.

A different story - but TLDR: there was this mouthy redhead that saw a huge dick - she obviously was not biomecanically equiped to take it. She tormented herself and the man for 40 minutes because she wanted the mytical BBC. I don't think he got 20 full pumps in that whole time. But that's what sex is. Especially for women... experiencing the other in sexy, wierd or passionate ways.

Get rid of the concept that sex is to have orgasms, especially female orgasms, and you'll do fine.

[–]Longjumping-Prior-90 1 point2 points  (3 children) | Copy Link

Doesn't do tl;dr, accidentally makes tl;dr. Still read it all though 😆

[–]1zino193[S] 0 points1 point  (2 children) | Copy Link

I don't think I have, at least not un-ironically.

[–]Longjumping-Prior-90 0 points1 point  (1 child) | Copy Link

The last 3 paragraphs are a nice sort of summary IMO. Maybe for some people that doesn't count because it's "too long," but in comparison to the essay you wrote, it's small. Question, what do you think/are good topics for conversation?

[–]1zino193[S] 0 points1 point  (0 children) | Copy Link

idk, I find conversations with women quite boring and asexual. I think they find it too.

Conversation with a man is like the handjob of flirting. Better than nothing, it may lead to something, but seriously - it's not something either you gives a shit about.

You can kill a man, but you can't kill an idea.

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