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On Debating and Discussion as a Man

January 25, 2015

Being the smartest guy in the room offers you great confidence, quick wit and respect from the social group. But how did that guy become the smartest guy in the room? Sometimes it's natural. The social group all got similar education and he just happened to be genetically gifted. But if you're making new social groups all the time or swapping around a bit... do you really want to lower your standards for peers just to be the smartest guy in the group? No. Of course you don't. Luckily, there's a simple way to encourage your own intellectual growth which isn't open to women in the same way. Unfortunately, it's been dying out thanks to the feminisation of society. This is the art of debate and discussion (but not how most people think about it.)

I don't need to go into detail about the advantages as a man of intellectual growth. It leads to better emotional growth, maturity, confidence, better decisions which lead to achieving more goals etc etc. It is truly essential for any man who wants to advance in this world. The only limitation to this improvement is your genetics. This is the same as with your body. You might not have the genetics to become Arnie or some other bodybuilder, but you can still get big and muscular. You can still look great. Intelligence is the same. You may not become Einstein, but you can grow your own base level intelligence and adaptive cognitive functions. Your genetics will only provide a ceiling to this. Even knowing this, I would still say that everybody has plenty of room for growth.

The simple way to do this is to change your views on debate and discussion. At the moment, thanks to the feminisation of society, whenever people get into a disagreement on a topic, emotional arguments will trump things or they'll argue passionately for their own point and never consider the other side. It's that simple to them: I'm right and I will shout them down. If we skip past how retarded that is in itself and how I bet there are people rolling their eyes and going " well duh!" at this bit... even in this sub (the last bastion of masculinity) we still see this crap. It's rare I've seen anyone do a 180 on their opinion here. This worries me because that is precisely where the growth comes from. Not from being right, but from being proven wrong by others. That guy who is consistently the smartest guy in the room: he was the intellectual bitch of smarter men and he embraced it and grew in a way that a woman never could.

Women have a few inbuilt restrictions when it comes to mental growth. That's just biology and you can check the post about women being the most responsible teenager in the house for the overview. A small number may buck the odds, but ultimately the stats show men have the advantage here (so use it!) There's post after post about how a man must struggle to achieve. His ego will take hits and keep on coming back for more. This doesn't just apply to growth of confidence in approaching women, it applies to mental growth too.

The original purpose of debate was to put two people on opposing sides who would argue over an issue as best they could. From observation of the points being put forward, an intelligent man could gain truth and thus gain intellectual growth. The difficulty comes if you're one of the guys making the arguments. If you are, take a step back and try to see things from the other side of the table. Not only will this allow you to construct stronger arguments, but it will force you to accept the weaknesses on your own side. In doing so, you'll be more open to learning and getting the intellectual growth you need. The more you begin to realise you're wrong about things, the better understanding you get on a topic and the more intellectual growth. This is something men should be very strong at (growing through competition.)

Discussion is not about winning, but treat the discussion itself as though it is. Once you've done that, become objective and analyse things. This is the key to fast-tracking your journey to achieving any goal that requires input from the mind. (Which is just about everything.) If you're finding yourself name calling in a discussion you're serious about then you're already failing. If you think there's no way you can be proven wrong, your mind is too closed off. (Just because you're open to being proven wrong doesn't mean you will be.) If you're unable to understand the other person's logic, then you may be missing out on a chance for growth. Understanding the strengths of opposing viewpoints and appreciating them is essential. Without knowing that, you can't get to the truth and you can't grow. If you can eliminate the feminine reaction to the competitive aspect of discussing irreconcilable ideas then you'll find your understanding growing exponentially. Use that growth well.

Edit: Thanks to Fluviant for this suggestion, I think it was a very good one. A short practical example:

Back when the UK was looking at the alternative vote system and performing the referendum on this topic, some of the strongest propaganda I've ever seen came out. Perfectly emotionally targeted, it declared that the new system is "too complex for people to understand." (This appeals so well because people can confidently declare this without even trying to understand. As most people did. It makes them feel okay with their ignorance.) Someone close to me took this view and confidently declared to me it was too complicated and they didn't understand it. I laughed and cried inside for a moment because I knew it was laughably simple. I explained the system in about 2 minutes and it dawned on them just how simple the new system was. After this, they became a supporter of the alternative vote system. (It never passed though.)

Anyway, the takeaway from this is: * two opposing viewpoints came out. * This person knows that I am someone worth listening to on topics. * After laying out their stance, they heard that I was going to provide on-the-spot proof that the view was wrong. They encouraged me to do this. * They listened and tried to understand, asked questions where needed to get me to clarify anything they didn't understand. The focus was to understand the opposing point. * Once they understood, there was no upset about changing their mind. Just a straight 180 in their views. Both of us felt good about this. They grew.

Note the absence of emotion in this. There was no holding back by either side or trying to make the other person feel better or being diplomatic. The focus was on proving the truth. This is how we resolve disagreements as men if there is a truth to be found. If there is no objective truth on a topic then it can also end with agreeing to disagree.


1.Feminization of society has led to the deterioration of pure discourse of ideas.

2.Name-calling and other appeals to emotion mean you've already lost the debate.

3.Intellectual growth, much like SMV growth, is at its core a function of how you handle and cope with rejection (being proven wrong).

4."Understanding the strengths of opposing viewpoints and appreciating them is essential," ...especially if you want to completely undermine the opponent's viewpoints!

EDIT2: Additional reading

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