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On Emotions, the Relationship exchange, and Peak Experiences

November 19, 2014

A core guiding redpill principle is that women are the gatekeepers to sex, and men are the gatekeepers to commitment. This is a strong rule of thumb for men, and it’s an excellent wakeup call for Recovering Nice Guys, and those just swallowing the pill. Logically it should follow that if a man becomes physically attractive and wealthy enough he can trade his commitment for sex, but that’s not how it works. The trade is not commitment for sex, the trade is emotions for sex.

It’s not being attractive that makes you valuable, it’s how your attractiveness makes her feel. It’s not that you are super wealthy, it’s how that wealth makes her feel. You can instill a sense of well being and completeness with a rich experience.

This is the nuance and beautify of the redpill. The emotional and unpredictable nature of people, and especially women is also their weakness and the key to what you seek. The wider and stronger emotional range you can evoke in a woman, the more tingles she feels, and the stronger she’ll want you. Strong game, dark triad, and PUAs can trigger those emotions and the simulated experience is indistinguishable from reality for the human mind. Evoke those emotions from a genuine self-confidence. Practice socializing, build inner strength, and sculpt a well-developed body. Don’t downplay game – poor game will muffle the emotional range you can evoke in her.

Girls spin plates by default – and many of them have had so many partners and gone on so many dates that they need some serious emotional stimulation. This is where the concept of a peak experience comes into play. A peak experience is a moment that created the maximum brain chemical reward for a particular set of circumstances or behaviors.

In your mind you remember the first time or your best outcome because it gives you a huge dopamine rush. Doing the same thing again is not going to be sufficient – you need to do it better and bigger. Be her peak experience and she’ll spread right open. Trade peak experiences for sex.

You must mold yourself and your lifestyle to be deeply stimulating. I am not telling you to chase shallow dopamine rushes through drugs/media /games, but to create and experience value. If you approach the world linearly, it will become incredibly difficult to continuously peak. Your best bet is to begin to view the world through a creative lens that is constantly evolving its dimensions and directions. There is a certain sensation I get when I listen to the right music at the right time – things fit together and I start to get chills. I can be working late in the office, at the gym, or anywhere and it can become a peak experience. I reach the same place from aesthetic appreciation, meditation or waking up early. It's the feeling after a good converstation and dinner with my parents during my trips home or a trip with the guys from college.

Give her chills and tingles with peak experiences. I don’t have a comprehensive guide for how to do this, but here are some ideas:

1) Stimulate the senses: - Smell great, have delicious food, find a great view, get a little tipsy
- Touch her firmly and gently – see if you can make her blush
- Explore a complex unpredictable environment
- From Book of Pook take action be doing. Walk around on your date. Do something physical and be active. Talking is for women action is for men, let her feel your masculinity.

2) Seek danger:
- Make it seem like you'll break the law (in a smart way)
- Go to a charged political event
- Big fast cars

3) Evoke nostalgia
- May require prior knowledge
- Play a song from your/her past
- Remember it's wise to treat women like children. You can take this pretty far, and they'll love it.

4) Give yourself a peak experience
- If you are having a peak experience, she’ll live through yours vicariously. Her mirror neurons will fire and she’ll feel what you are feeling. Do things in a way that triggers you.

The best examples I have of this working out is: 1) Random meetup with a girl from middle school wandering all over the city checking out different local events and barhopping like crazy talking about the past while eating great food and drinking very strong drinks
2) Wandering through a maze in the dark for 90 minutes with a girl. My instructions to her that day were bring boots that can handle mud, two bananas, and a rope.

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