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On Leadership

November 21, 2015

Upon returning home, I had a quick flick through my previous comments to remind myself what I said I'd do. After noticing a couple of comments sitting in minus figures, I re-read them so I could have a laugh at what silly newbies were getting upset about... basically that I wasn't providing help to the specific standard that they demanded. Take a break here so you can have a good laugh at how entitled that is.

Let me tell you something right now, I (nor anyone else on TRP) is here to lead your life for you. There is only one person who can take the lead in your life and who is best suited to lead you... that is YOU. You should already have a reasonably good idea of your strengths and weaknesses. Since you know these more intimately than others, you're in a much better position to make the decisions for that person.

Now this is one of the little nuances of TRP that gets misconstrued all the time. It's why TRP is called dogmatic and dictatorial. Which it is to a certain degree, a necessity in order to maintain the quality of the area. If you want to disagree with the basics, then head on over to purple pill debate. We don't have time to keep having to rejustify the sidebar every time a newbie shows up. The attitude is: if you agree, then come read more. If you disagree, there's the door. It's pretty simple and actually more libertarian than you'd think since it emphasises a space for individual decisions. For leadership of your own life.

One of the biggest problems in the modern western world, due to the feminisation of it, is this submissive and indecisive attitude which is being taken up by so many. These people don't want to make decisions because they might make the wrong choice. Instead they look to someone more qualified to make the decision for them. As logic, this isn't a bad idea. Unfortunately life does not operate on pure logic or frequently allow you second chances or perfect scenarios. It's a messy, ugly, irrational world you're dealing with that has little bits of logical sense scattered here and there. There is a reason we developed irrational instincts... because they worked in a pragmatic approach to things we don't 100% understand. And because they're irrational, they too are not going to work correctly 100% of the time either. We are all making educated guesses about most things in life either because we don't have all the facts or we don't have the time to analyse things properly. This isn't bad in and of itself... it's just the reality we have to accept and base our decisions upon.

So this brings me to something that raises the fear many guys have when it comes to taking command of their own lives: You're going to fuck up. You're going to make bad choices. You're going to look back and realise you did something wrong and you're going to have to pull it back together, get up, dust yourself down and carry on. And it's not because you're beta. It's not because you didn't get the right advice. It's not because you didn't do the right reading. It's because you're a human being and humans are prone to error. When you're living in a world where behaviour is sometimes rational and sometimes irrational, it's not surprising that you can't figure out which is going to happen on every single occasion. It's normal. And it's normal to feel a little upset or sad or angry when things don't go right. That's natural emotion. Nothing wrong with it. (Just don't be sharing that heavy stuff with women.)

However, you need to start taking those risks. You need to make those fucks up, because even if you make a decision and it's wrong... YOU made that decision and you led. This is the goal for all TRP apprentices. You may seek advice and do reading... but don't look to anyone else to sit in your shoes and say what they'd do... because they're not you. I can react as me to a chick you describe... but ultimately only you can decide:

  • how you'd best react to that chick.
  • What interests you should be pursuing.
  • What style best suits your features.
  • What attitude and style of game will work best for you.

It's important that you take the lead on these individual aspects instead of asking for others to do it for you, because these issues are personal and if you try to fake being a different type of alpha to your own style... women will sniff it out and sense there's something fake about you. The end goal is to make your attitude, style of game and dress sense seem natural. Look at what you could be... not who is most successful. Those guys might be genetically different to you and therefore you're unable to become the same type of alpha as them... but that doesn't mean you can't be an alpha. Alphas are as diverse as the human gene pool.

You also have to remember that women want a natural alpha. The guy who "just gets it." She is not interested in the process a man goes through to become an alpha or the hard work he puts in. She wants the end product. Women can't see that it requires effort to become high SMV. This is because they don't need to put in effort to become high SMV. An HB8 or HB9 develops into that due to her genetics, as long as she doesn't overeat/not bother taking care of herself. The reason they want the man who effortlessly achieved great value... is because if the man did that effortlessly, it's because his position at the head of the pack was determined by his genetics. Hence great genetics. Hence she wants him for babymaking. So if you seem like you're not naturally at the head of the pack and you're faking your position there... there must be something wrong with your genetics. Bitch don't want faulty genetics. And that's all she wrote on it. They don't think about how a guy "eventually gets it" because they don't care. They want the guy who already "just gets it." So you need to become that natural.

Which brings me round to why leadership is so important for a man and how it fits in around here. As I said earlier, you are the one in the best position to know your strengths and weaknesses. Remember that alphas are as diverse as the gene pool. Similarly, the successful Red Pill men on here are also very diverse and each brings their own style of leadership to the table as demonstration. But the one thing they all have in common is that they're leading their own lives. They're standing up for their own analysis and their own opinions. They're not looking to others to do it for them. If you're respectful of the other men here, then they will be respectful to you, so you have nothing to fear in putting forward your own analysis/opinions and then standing by them. BUT remain humble as a new leader. As an inexperienced leader, you're likely to be worse at it than others, so be prepared to be proven wrong and accept the learning curve. That said, it's part of the process because you must become a leader.

This is because TRP is partly about teaching all men to become leaders. Leaders in their own lives, and leaders of women. Since most women are naturally submissive, they will look to you for leadership. You want a successful sexual strategy? You need to be able to lead them. You want to raise your SMV? We can give you the starting word: "LIFT!" But you've got to decide what programme you'll start and how you'll approach your diet. You're the one leading the project to improve your SMV. You're the one leading the project to become whatever it is you've chosen to be, whether that's a plate spinner, LTR man or MGTOW. Seek advice and knowledge, not decisions. You can still compare and contrast your approach with what others would do as a learning experience... but in the end, you need to be making your own calls sooner rather than later. Get on that learning curve ASAP!

Just because you aren't leading the TRP sub, does not mean you are to be a follower. Leaders can work effectively together. Seek out my old post titled "Roles, Respect and Responsibility acceptance as an alpha trait" for an explanation of how they do.

Alpha males are leaders, not followers. You don't need to be mod, manager or president to be a leader. There's living proof all over this sub.

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