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On sluts: Be sexual first. Be a person second.

April 15, 2016

We live in a sexually liberated age. Hardly anybody abstains from sex until marriage. The few that do are usually psycho-religious nutjobs. The majority of people, both men and women, have had one or more casual sexual encounters, outside of any sort of committed relationship or the intention of starting one. Birth control is highly effective and widely available, abortions are legal, and society has pretty much accepted players and sluts as acceptable life choices that don’t really warrant shame or consequences. If anything, it’s the sexually conservative prudes, and the virgin incels who can’t get any, that are considered weird and get laughed at. You’re abnormal if you’re not a slut.

Sex has been taken off of its former pedestal. It’s not important any more. It used to be a very important act done to make babies. It used to be a very intimate act between emotionally-close partners, done as a powerful expression of love. Nowadays, sex is pretty much recreational, like playing a video game. People go out, find a partner who’s hot enough, and have some fun because it feels good. The super-sluts of the world swear up and down that sex is contextual – sometimes, it can just be something fun done to blow off a little steam, but in other cases, it can still be a deeply emotional experience with someone you love. Essentially, how you feel about sex this minute determines what the sex means, if anything. I guess sometimes, I can play video games with my bros, but when I play them with my wife it means something more? She kind of sucks at video games, doesn’t like them that much, and really only plays because I want to – maybe sex really is like video games!

After turning sex into pretty much the most unimportant, purely recreational act ever, our hyper-sexual society then stood on its head, proclaiming that sexual choice is just about the most important issue ever. Anything that constrains female sexual choice is the devil, no means maybe, yes means maybe, and maybe means maybe – the girl decides a few days later whether she really wanted to have sex.

And supposedly, we live in a rape culture, where the large majority of women are continuously coerced into sex that they don’t want to have. Yes, that’s right. After fighting tooth and nail to normalize being a slut and avoid any shame or consequence for having large quantities of casual sex, apparently, all of these sluts are constantly having sex they don’t want to have.

Women will be the first to tell you that sex is better with a committed partner, and that the huge majority of the time, they don’t orgasm from casual sex. So apparently, the fight to normalize female promiscuity was a fight to allow women to do favors for men? To better serve them?

If you ask most female circles, the huge majority of women have been quasi-raped. Essentially, they “unwillingly consented” to sexual acts with a man because that was easier than the hassle of saying no. They didn’t really want to do the sex act, but they also didn’t want to risk a confrontation or make waves. Sometimes, after the fact, they’ll backward-rationalize this by saying that they didn’t “feel safe” saying no, as though they were in danger from the big strong man, even though the man made no threat or gave any indication that he’d harm or rape the girl if she declined, and 99 percent of men wouldn’t.

That’s actually a puzzling situation, because in our modern, sexually liberated, pro-female girl-power culture, women have no problems going after what they want, sometimes brutally. Women attend college in greater numbers than men, obtain high powered careers if they want them, and go out and get laid to celebrate any time they’re up for it. Women generally have zero problems turning down men. They practically make a vicious sport of it in most bars and clubs. Some even enjoy the position of power, sitting and allowing fuck-applicants to approach, as they blow off lesser men, then complain (e.g., brag) on social media about how annoying it is when creeps hit on them.

The empowered women of today have no problems telling a man “hell no” and maybe slapping him or kneeing him in the groin for good measure, then high-fiving their girlfriends. Women today know what they want and go for it.

But they’ve been desensitized to sex. After years of having recreational sex, sex has become completely unimportant to them. So unimportant that it’s just easier for a woman to shrug and fuck a guy she doesn’t want to fuck than it is to say no and risk a confrontation. Dealing with people is hard. Sex is easy.

So how does this apply to us? What’s the lesson to take from this dark state of society? Hit on women. All the fucking time. Be forward.

Sluts don’t want to say no. Saying no is hard. If you’re forward, confident, and aggressive, even if your game’s a little off or you’re not that hot, half the time, you might get laid anyway. Women have become so desensitized to casual sex with random dudes that they’d practically rather be raped than have an uncomfortable conversation.

That’s the second lesson, actually: Never have awkward, uncomfortable conversations with women. Hit on them. Touch them. Be confident. Don’t sit around blabbing, trying to get to know a girl and forge an emotional connection, being all awkward and invested. An awkward conversation with a guy is her greatest fear – even bigger than rape. Just follow the standard steps: Generate attraction, escalate, isolate her, escalate more, get her comfortable enough to fuck you, then go for it. Do the dance, go through the motions. Eliminate awkward chats from your arsenal.

Slutty women don’t want to deal with you as a person. People are hard. Sex is easy. Make it easy on her.

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